Birthday November  22  horoscope



Fate: outstanding personality born on this day. Kindness, compassion, sense of justice manifest in them since childhood. Aggressive traits are not peculiar to them, and their point of view they are defending peace, dignity and kindly towards the opponent. They believe in the conflict-resolution of any problems. And that is the beginning of peace and good intentions of their love, so they always have around friends. They can easily use their talents in theatrical activities, literature, music. And financial fortune favors them.

Mystery birthday: In life, born November 22 necessarily present the leitmotif of liberation. Those born on this day women aspire to equality and fairness to him, boldly sweeping away barriers. It happens that to overcome difficulties leaving remnants of strength and energy, in which case they are upset, but mourn with new strength taken to win their freedom. Born November 22, too freedom-loving men, and it is that, taking the place of the sun, they begin to follow the principles and laws opposed by earlier.

Typically, born November 22 do not care about the opinions of others about themselves. They surround themselves with their own world, where the reign of their own laws defining life, taste, fashion, and to address important challenges they use moral sense. And born November 22 seeking not only their freedom, but also to give it to others. This behavior is a fighter who oppose government restrictions, the company leads to conflicts in both public and family life. Thus is born this day, it is desirable to smooth the rough edges and not to run into them to behave tactfully, without provocation and sharp statements.

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Because in the society about them the impression as fans of "rocking the boat" and this image troublemakers do not always contribute to realization. They need to disguise the true causes of their behavior and act more hidden methods are not speaking openly and through. Many of those born on November 22 does not rest on their laurels, taking the next summit. Their expectations are beginning to move in the direction of strengthening their positions and improving the lives of others - friends, colleagues. For them are very interesting issues concerning the rights of workers, career stages, social benefits and prospects in education. When born on this day take on family and children, they start to care even excessive development and care about the welfare of their children.

Some even go to the renunciation of its revolutionary principles and ideas to their children joined the stream of official ideology. Others born November 22 continue to go its own course, and if their children are the same and independent initiatives, while these features in them are encouraged, but they exhibited some limitations. In real life, it looks as mentoring young people and imposing anything, and they, in turn, feeling the false notes, they begin to fight back and take the path of confrontation. The result is that surrounding the care and attention of children, these parents are constantly in the midst of various problems. Having a pathological thirst to challenge, confront, fight, born November 22 rarely met a quiet life, it becomes a burden to them, and their role is transformed into a quiet dull and lifeless.

Memories of the struggle for a place often warms the soul born on 22 November. Therefore, it is necessary to formulate goals that are worthy of their efforts, so bright past would go far back, and the foreground will no less interesting and rich present.

Health: The ability to cause anger in others and acquire enemies and born November 22 pronounced, this line should be wary. In his youth catching idea to grant exemption to all humanity makes this period colorful and eventful, but with age and experience the brightness dims and life takes on a smooth flow. Old age, they should meet with dignity, taking all diseases accompany her. Born Nov. 22, and must adhere to the minimum moderate loads, not to get surgery to conceal his own age. The vitamins and homeopathy should also carefully investigate.

Tip: Learn circuitous and secret techniques to achieve the plan. Parents, do not ask the children more than they can. Give the solution of personal problems and self-sufficient time, leave the world's problems, the world will cope with them without you.

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