Birthday November  21  horoscope



Fate: cunning inherent born on this day, they are secretive and uncommunicative. Friends they are reluctant to acquire, but enemies to gain time, so they have a lot of enemies. Life troubles they have to overcome, using only their own strength and work hard, support will not be nowhere. However immeasurable the pursuit of happiness combined with a strong persistence in overcoming difficulties to help them find it and create their own world of well-being and comfort.

Mystery birthday: subtle sense of beauty differs born November 21 from others. It permeates all of their mannerisms, gestures, posture, and the ideas and results of their work is perfect. Their curiosity is aimed at all new in the community, no doubt rejecting old-fashioned trends. However, they can easily get out of pigeonholed abandoned the concept, to revive and modernize them to be able to apply them to the new realities. So born November 21 benefit society, rethinking a new way centuries-old tradition. But not everyone can understand it - the parents and the older generation is not able to take the essence of the innovations brought by born on this day.

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Sometimes those born in November 21 permeates the idea to prove to someone and foes, and friends, and the world the truth of his world. However, given that this may take a lifetime. Those born on this day in his youth committed a lot of mistakes, especially in the first 28 years of life. During this period, they are covered by rebellious, verging on self-destruction, dissolute and purposeless existence. This is especially noticeable on the background of existing and successful life friends, colleagues or relatives.

Yet the inherent dignity of their sober and provides the opportunity to learn from their mistakes. But if the blows are violent and frequent, it can break them and turn into mentally stale crackers. Those born on November 21, one elegance inside and out, with age increasingly strengthened in the form of refined and elegant people, but inside their emotions become rare.

Others, born November 21, in which the elegance of the most intelligent character, become irreconcilable pragmatists who are engaged in the ideas, the embodiment of which will give the bottom line. Both types tend to hide their weaknesses and avoid actions one way or another could lead to failure. The desire to dodge the blows of fate sometimes drowns in them all the enthusiasm, creativity and spark the children's perception. Striving for excellence, to succeed, sometimes they throw up their casual life of joy, just having fun, warm past that can affect the nervous system, leading even to failures.

Born November 21 open to all that is happening in the world, but deep self-knowledge, they can not pay a drop time. Therefore it is necessary at least in the middle of life (aged 50 years) to find the place. And for this it is necessary to eliminate the life of fear and conservatism as a character trait. Through hard work and effort they can achieve material well-being and success in all areas of life, to find physical and intellectual perfection, but in adulthood they should turn to the past, when they were defenseless and naive, leaving a little bit childish. So they can keep the balance of the inner world with the outer reality in the future counting on continued success.

Health: Sensitivity to the environment makes those born on November 21, and allergic prone to emotional instability. They have a minimum threshold of irritability. Their psychological state and health is often taken care of loved ones, as born November 21 often are in the doldrums, prone to self-flagellation, upset over the fact that they pay little attention to the surrounding. Exercise will help them grow strong and get away, do not prevent joint trips, team games and swimming. Sexual life should be a regular, but those born on this day, people without a permanent partner, you should beware of diseases, sexually transmitted diseases. Frequent gynecological problems in women and in men - prostate problems. It is necessary to pay special attention to these issues.

Tip: Open yourself. Equanimity is sometimes appropriate, but constant equanimity is not useful. Cultivate creative and bright start your personality. Do not feel sorry for yourself, it is a poison, slowly killing the person.

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