Birthday November  19  horoscope



Fate: born on this day are resolute, purposeful and peaceful. They kindly respond to other people's problems, always help in difficult situations. They are reliable and responsible, so they can expect and trust them. They stubbornly follow their goals. Able to interest others and carry along. Those born on this day can manifest talents in the field of science, politics, religion, art. A financial fortune favors them.

Mystery birthday: born in November 19 revolutionary spirit lives that requires constant change. But these changes do not translate into as series of protest. Their reformist spirit aspires to the creation of something new. They co-exist next to radical views and conservative, anarchy and integrity. And no movement can not do without control and a sense of oppression, no matter whether they favor or against it are themselves a source.

Often born November 19, you can blame the fact that they seek with maniacal voltage to strengthen its powers and in the team, and in the family. And God forbid, it comes on the delegation of powers and limits of government to this issue, they fit very sensitive and serious.

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We were born on November 19 frequent conflicts with people from a different point of view, the opponents, and born on this day to recognize their mistake in a hurry and always self-confident. They tend to overthrow the head of the opponent Nietzsche quotes, thus giving the answers to any attacks in a philosophical vein, and this could lead to isolation from society and the values preached by him. Impact Day reformer greatly born on November 19, so it is so difficult to include opposing views and opinions. However, they must learn to accept criticism and to control their emotions. Born November 19 absorbed enormous energy mark reaching self-confidence. This is their weak points and also their strength.

Many people born on this day falls into the clutches of their own arrogance, risking much to destroy, not paying attention to the signs of destiny, or entering them in contradictions. Born November 19 sincerely believe in the power of will, sometimes forgetting about the limitations of their own resources, so they need to be careful. Often born November 19 act as a crusader fighting for the good. Their principles, actions, policies somehow act in support of the common man, pushing their selectivity in dealing the background. They are the most useful and effective actions are carried out at times when born November 19 distribute their wisdom and knowledge to others.

The nature of those born on November 19 unstable, sometimes cocky, but it is this property allows them to discover the best qualities in others, and in the everyday problems to find the underlying cause. Truth and its preaching - is the main concern for those born on this day. And they may be called rather "out of this world." The physical quality of their excellent, in family life are thoughtful and modern. As a rule, they are always aware of the recent incidents and the news, but this knowledge does not always go their favor. They do not get involved in sensation and fashion trends. For them it would be better to follow the traditional values and to influence others in a relaxed manner, without abuse and squabbles. Just because their influence can be efficiently and continuously.

Health: Birth November 19 should beware of accidents, ready to creep up at the most inopportune moment, at the height of arrogance. Only a realistic assessment of the situation will smooth out the emotional storm and reduce the possibility of disaster. Most of those born on November 19 did not see the point of introspection and avoid the subject of psychological improvement, but sooner or later self-analysis will be an important topic for them. Those born on this day - talented glutton with irrepressible appetite, but improved health comes only with proper nutrition and diet, they will study the literature on the subject. Active and energetic, born on this day will come in handy enhanced physical training, running, tennis, aerobics, badminton, competitive martial arts.

Tip: Stay in silence, to know its price. Often cooled his ardor. Be ready to answer the call of destiny and control their impulsivity. Remember, you can not be above the laws of man and the more divine commandments.

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