Birthday November  18  horoscope



Fate: Happy star shone in the sky at the birth of these people. Only the positive properties of the vibrations amplify this day. The enormous energy potential of those born on this day, the strength and determination. They have excellent organizational skills, eloquence, persuasiveness and ability to influence others, it is a fertile ground for success in life. And financial fields will always be successful.

Mystery birthday: born today are very active, out of which gush energy, physical activity and mental potential. However, emotional instability still will determine their actions, even if they appear outwardly imperturbable, calm and collected. Self - their horse, which they use frequently to avoid unauthorized emission of lava from a volcano, Teplyaev soul. They can devote their energies and emotions in the mainstream art, using them in their work. They are sociable and love attention. Born November 18 want to play leading roles. Ambition, they are investing in the interests of a group or collective, which represent. They are endowed with different talents, and humble, and bright, but their implementation, they prefer to deal only in the way they themselves want.

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Born November 18 is very difficult to get something to do, especially if they are not ready for this. And the best time is determined not around, and they are personally. Born on November 18 are not inclined to diligence. However, intuition and foresight allow them to achieve with small effort of what others are long and hard. Emotional start them prevails over sense. Surrounding carries their inner world, with more than a long acquaintance and recognition born November 18 you can open them bright ability to mutate. Born November 18 pose the need for attention and ultimately enjoy it enough. This weakness born on November 18 that reveals their vulnerability, but a manifestation of attention to them rewarded communicating with them, interesting and exciting.

The results of their work is always specific and are mainly associated with the entertainment industry and a simple manifestation of positive energy. For this they love to others - friends and acquaintances, in which they bring to life the fun. The most trivial event could turn into a luxury holiday, if it involves born November 18, his charisma and charm, bringing in the event highlight. Born November 18 - fine actors brilliantly playing different roles, in connection with which they may be accused of superficiality. However, all these attacks are unfair. Also born on this day are gaining attention in spite of everything, and even compromising their own beliefs.

Health: Birth November 18 should restrain his temper and try to balance the inner emotional imbalance. For them, the important role played by self-knowledge that can free them from the feelings and emotional outbursts that bring harm to them or others. Therefore, they need a spiritual or psychological training. To train willpower and self-discipline, born 18 November recommended moderate exercise. The composition of the food must be rich in grains, fresh vegetables, red meat should be used wisely, and the consumption of sugar, caffeine and alcohol are minimized or eliminated. Only such rationalism in the diet will promote spiritual harmony. To cleanse the body is recommended to drink at least half a gallon of clean water.

Tip: Deeper and most intensively investigated currently. Catch the wave of life. Do not ignore the signs of destiny. Trust your intuition and caution have an impact on others.

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