Birthday November  17  horoscope



Fate: The complex fate of those born on this day. The vibrations of the day increases the negative character traits. Such people are all given hard work and only they will pave the way forward. Adversity and challenges will accompany their way. However, the good life is possible for them, provided that their dedication, perseverance and determination, they prevail against all the failures and overcome the difficulties.

Mystery birthday: These are the people - the peacemakers, akin to the bridge connecting the two opposing camps, they combine different interests, points of view, different people. They are like the intersection, which attracts a lot of lines. Sometimes birth 17 November turned into binding solution that preserves the integrity of the entire building. They are always up to date and make the necessary action so as to preserve the well-being and peace, family, and professional and public.

Bridge Day - Birthday November 17 brings to the nature of their variability, it is due to vibration of the day in which it is a cultural and genetic inner content, which began a few. Therefore, the person born on November 17 presented a model of what a harmonious combination of incongruous possible, namely the various class, cultural, political and other categories can coexist in the same person. In addition, birth 17 November abhorrent discrimination, antagonism, sharp contradictions quarrel.

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Women born on 17 November and received an excellent education, usually exhibit their emansipation show, proud of it, and put independence above all else. If they are related to the scope of service functions, such an approach is to overestimate them to come to his place in life and further development.

Men born on this day are aggressive and tend to dominate, but they see compromise as the most important way to communicate. At maturity, they assign great importance to their well-being, taking care of the inheritance. As a rule, born November 17 unpretentious, but once entrenched at any stage, they will not hand over their positions, and will strongly discourage a shift from the position itself. If you need to win over the people, or to protect them, they may be brilliantly cope with this challenge even the strongest opponents. However, the feeling of satisfaction should not obscure their eyes, they should be wary of depending on him, when they come to a successful resolution of cases. Otherwise, they will always feel a lack of demand.

Sometimes their internal system of moral principles, rather strict and uncompromising, making born November 17 silver carp and capable of flexibility. In addition, those born on this day are often communication problems. Most birth 17 November boast of their objectivity and ability to adequately get out of any difficult situation, they are easily removed from situations of frustrating. And so just as easily could be alone, pulling away from the others. The material side of life is very concerned born on November 17, so their finances are always in order. Their home is cozy and comfortable, characterized by thoroughness. Born November 17 Prevent accidental, so they should be wary of their own propensity to control everything.

Health: Diseases of the musculoskeletal system can affect birth 17 November, especially in adulthood, so they should be careful with the posture and the spine, to avoid injuries. They are useful for physiotherapy, massage, acupuncture, counseling palmist. Such people suffer the pain bravely, so tend to ignore the manifestations of the disease, who were treated in chronic. Thus is born this day shows the periodic medical examination mandatory blood test in order to avoid anemia. Peptic ulcer, colitis may overtake born November 17 by surprise, so you should temper the appetite for spicy and exotic dishes, exacerbating the painful symptoms. If born on this day is not an athlete, then physical activity should be gentle and done with caution in maturity.

Tip: Open your heart. Do not be closed, show sincerity. Do not listen to other people's whispering. And the leadership of pure thoughts.

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