Birthday November  16  horoscope



Fate: The determination, independence, independence distinguishes born on this day. With hard work and determination, they are capable of great success and achievement, but excessive suspiciousness and a tendency to take offense will always disturb them. The excessive self-centeredness also bring success in business, especially if it is manifested in this case inappropriate. Favorable living environment around them can only be achieved if respect for themselves and others when they realize their own value, and others, when will learn to be proud of yourself and treat carefully and kindness to relatives and others.

Mystery birthday: Women born on November 16, at least the men born on this day, seek power, and a very good knowledge of ways to use it for their own purposes. They have a reputation as the ultimate superiors and directors work and family relationships. Also, they make excellent counselors, coaches working in social groups, collectives and teams. They are the absolute leaders and their position is always indisputable, as they laid the natural wisdom, allowing conflict-free and peacefully resolve issues preventing hostility and sharp contradictions.

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Their solution is always in the interests of the collective. Youth born on this day takes place rapidly and is full of rebellious spirit, ready to destroy a lot, and only exchanged fourth ten, they are perhaps ripe to something serious. On their happiness, the ability to analyze their own behavior sends them back on track, and allows us to understand ourselves and the motives, needs and aspirations of others. Born November 16 do not tend to fall under foreign influence of any team or family. Also, it is difficult and even frustrating to feel dependent, asking for help or support. But it does not mean that they are incapable of empathy and involvement in the problems of others. Brilliantly gifted individuals may achieve the desired, and ascend to the heights in any area.

Their ability to interact with people, coupled with life experience makes them a good team members. That they only benefit when the external charm does not hide, and emphasizes hard, decisive character. Knowing these features, others will treat with caution born November 16, once again not opposing them, and without conflict. Another feature of the character born November 16 - love for the race, but they give preference to those who are at their level.

Born on November 16 with the responsibility to choose their partners for life. It happens that until they meet their unique, career ladder they will be shaky. Unfortunately, waiting for their man may be delayed. A precarious relationship, unrequited love, divorce, sexual failure harassed them. Some born November 16 and remain loners, finding the right person and the right, however, even with an independent nature, they need emotional support, finding her in dealing with childhood friends and loved ones. Also born on November 16 converge well with friends in misfortune, such as lost for marriage and love.

Health: Sedentary lifestyle, limited mobility may cause birth 16 November to diseases of the spine, excretory system and obesity. The regime of physical activity must be observed, and with regard to food requires moderation. Gluttony, fatty foods, especially butter and cream a strain of the digestive system and the liver, the pancreas, which will affect the condition of many organs. Gallbladder disease await those who will eat fatty foods, liver cirrhosis - who drinks alcohol, diabetes - who eats sweet. Not bad to be born on November 16 to appeal to traditional medicine in the form of herbal teas and tinctures.

Tip: Do not ignore the interests of others. You are responsible for your actions, so do not abuse their authority. The thirst for power can destroy you, beware of her charms. Be alert to the looming conflict, but do not bother with fears and concerns. Be calm and alert.

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