Birthday November  15  horoscope



Fate: pragmatism and commitment differentiates individuals born on this day. They are prudent and clever, showing persistence in achieving goals, they are hardworking and have the ability, so it is always making progress. The financial success is always at hand as well as in any other field. Also apply their efforts and talents they soar stairs of any height and successfully remain on it, caressed honor and glory.

Mystery birthday: For those born on November 15 routinely encounter strangers and circumstances. Therefore, born on this day should always be prepared as a chance, and the planned events. The tendency to increased conflict born November 15 bring them to the big fights in which his words will not come back and did not give back up for any gain or tranquility. And not just to defend their interests they will be until the end, they were willing to fight and those who depend on them, and in need of protection.

They do not like useless disputes and deadlocks, considering himself above them. Their true power manifests itself in the defense, and the weapons they use, - the threat of retaliation. Inner strength born November 15, urges those around them once again not to touch, not to stir up a hornet's nest.

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Many of those born on November 15 capable of exhibiting remarkable patience. They know that the result depends on their ability to wait and find the right moment, so the losses for their rarity. From the side it may seem grim personalities at any time to exercise restraint, as if one mistake can ruin their lives.

In fact, their caution is the fear of the soil, as they instinctively recognize the source of real danger. Therefore it is born on November 15 in a romantic partner at times dangerous. Outside charm and finesse, while inside - unpredictability, spills of a sudden and frightening others. And at the same time for emotions and passions is the most suitable property nature. Worldview born November 15 often becomes apocalyptic character. This is reflected in their pessimistic view of current events, expectation and a willingness to meet the worst is the worst face to face.

Emotional explosions are common to them, are also close to take it for extravagance. There is no doubt that the way of those born on November 15 it is better not to stand. Surprising them with the skill of a magician's ability to disappear suddenly and as quickly emerge. People who are prone to be safe, it is better to bypass born this day a party and not allow love and affection, otherwise it would be risky for them. But thrill seekers necessarily converge with those born on 15 November. Externally, these people are trying to create the image of a respectable citizen-inhabitant, but the temptation to act against domestic and social laws can overcome the strongest foundations.

Therefore, the importance of honesty and integrity in their lives is evident, they make them to resolve internal contradictions, to work on yourself. They do not tend to feel guilt, he is likely to be transformed into caution before sudden accidents and events.

Health: People born on this day, it is necessary to make a re-evaluation of internal forces and emotional state. Conflicts, threats of vengeance, even embodied in life, can provoke psychological discomfort, until the stress conditions. Since Nov. 15 if born attract trouble and accidents, they need to be careful in their actions and think about the situation and the causes of the tendency to misery. They should not abuse the sweet (such as sugar) and red meat. The basis of the power to make the best grains - wheat (pasta), rice, corn. Every day is recommended to eat breads, stews, vegetable soups. Physical activity will splash out the extra energy and aggressive emotions, but beware of competitive sports and martial arts.

Tip: Do not ignore the importance of psychological training, which can help you. Aggressive outbursts and fears can and should be directed in the right direction. Be bold and do not be intimidated once again. Acquire confidence. And such traits as kindness and gentleness are also indicators of resistance of nature.

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