Birthday November  13  horoscope



Destiny: A complex and controversial nature are born on this day. The vibrations increase the energy of the day the qualities that prevail in man. Therefore, only from it will depend on his life, because what path he chooses for himself. If born on this day will gain self-confidence, cultivating faith in a happy and prosperous destiny, they will be able to conquer any sphere of life, succeeding and enjoying. If the worm of doubt and uncertainty will make the way in their soul, then sad and gloomy cloud thickens over their destinies, without the hope of the joy of life. In addition, a permanent depression that invariably will pursue them in their lives failed ultimately undermine any health.

Mystery birthday: Tendency to comment on the various events characteristic of birth 13 November, all of them imbued with comments insight and understanding. Regardless of social status, they are in all situations safely express their views and take a stand against what they consider important. They may be interested in a completely different field, but the social and political issues are most concerned about. Their diverse sources of knowledge - from book publications in sociology or history, ending with newspapers and TV programs, so they always have their own opinion about the correctness or incorrectness of the events.

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The most important omission born November 13 is what is unforgivable little time and energy they devote to self-improvement, self-knowledge and personal development. Always like being outside myself, within the outer world, they stop their own development as a person, and sometimes even a few steps to perfection. ENVIRONMENTAL they are perceived as people are sociable and cheerful, but not thoroughly. Enlightened by the person of birth 13 November used their own interests, to actively support the process of self-knowledge and the desire for self-improvement, while maintaining a strong thread that connects the inner world and the outer.

Those born on this day have sufficient properties to adapt to a rapidly changing world, their features have been implemented fully. They are often plagued by contradictions: the perception of reality, materialistic informed and confirmed, on the one hand, and religion - on the other. Based on rationalism in his youth and middle age, growing up and experiencing the transformation, they come to faith in God. This process is accompanied by a search for evidence of their faith, and they are based on logic and reasoning mind.

Such people are not prone to religious fanaticism, they are optimistic in life, and their faith is based on the belief that everything around - people, nature, plants, animals, all things - the most important proof of the divine existence. This, however, is not for those born on November 13 reason to think about the incorrectness of their own views.

Born November 13 love justice, though sometimes become authoritarian, expressing its position as indisputable dogma. Therefore, it would be nice for them to take another's point of view, regardless of the acceptance or antagonism against it, highlight the importance and do not pay attention to the secondary. In addition, the inherent realism of those born on November 13 allowing them to be critical and immediately detect hypocrisy, lies and questionable arguments.

Those born on this day can actively oppose any system, the company, the union, the group if they think they do not deserve loyal attitude. Even in such cases, they may be friendly, persuasive and sincere, so it is to be careful, not showing aggression towards this powerful worlds and gain enemies in their face. Born November 13 should cultivate within themselves the simplicity and modesty, not to forget the roots, no matter how far away their home, figuratively and literally.

Health: Since birth 13 November constantly expend their nervous energy, they should be afraid of fatigue. They are able to obtain psychological stability only if they can find a safe place inside and in the outside world, where one could escape to restore spiritual strength. Those born on this day in different periods of life are turning to yoga, tai chi, meditation, spiritual education, religious rituals. They sparing useful exercise, competition should be avoided. The power to adhere to diversity, national cuisine and exotic products will benefit them, and during the diet restrictions should be the minimum amount.

Tip: Grow your identity, giving time to work on yourself. Try to find an inner core and Naladte bridges with the outside world. You are able to influence others, use this skill correctly and loyally. Listen to more soul and not the mind. In difficult situations with care.

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