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Fate: karmic debts full life born November 11, they will have to fulfill. It is not surprising to be hardships, persecutions, betrayals, and other hardships. Only by changing ourselves, the hard way mistakes and repent, they will be able to convert the external unfavorable conditions for them.

If they do not realize that only a peaceful path of forgiveness and mercy will lead them to change their own destiny, then they will remain the same, filled with troubles and hardships, and joys in life they do not vidat.Tayna birthday: You were born on November 11 pleasant appearance perhaps even a bright, but inside lurks the depth and ambiguity are complex personality, combining concern and secrecy. They are easily manipulated by others, presenting claims to the people important to them or work.

They interact with their twilight essence, and this communication causes them humorous mood and gives a sense of the ridiculous. This is typical of comedians. By nature, born November 11 got features that allow them to be a good family man, breadwinners and protectors of the house. For them to be in the comfort and warmth of a home or a family feast takes great happiness. As a rule, they are excellent organizers ready "comb" of any professional group or social group.

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With special physical magnetism and knowing how to manage it, they skillfully use this attraction to their advantage. But when confronted with other magical figures, they tend to give in to the charms of a stranger. Born November 11 both sexes are different balanced mix of male and female in the beginning of their life. Therefore, among their friends of both sexes. But the man, born on November 11 should not rush into the habits of the male actively exposing them, and women should not give advice and to interfere in foreign affairs. We were born on this day there is a distinctive feature to express their views in the best angle and captivating manner. They intuitively correct position and overcome obstacles, maneuvering between aggressive outbursts and passivity.

They skillfully biding their time, energy and pacifying surprising patience. However, this behavior is not appropriate in extreme circumstances when staying idle and not taking decisions, they lose time. Born November 11 prone to reverie, which is a consequence of depression and inactivity. The sources of the problems many people born on November 11 is to fight as opposed to the inner essence of its external manifestations. Outside observers may note the contradictions that sensible and talented people kill their time to let him do exhausting their skills and ruining his career. Those born on this day by seem destined for glory, discoveries, achievements, but their real life does not bring them such awards. The primary reason for this is their obsessive fears and the desire to be safe. Therefore, it is extremely important willpower, which should be developed to achieve the desired.

If you were born on November 11 for a long time do not find life orientation, they are lost, depressed and angry feelings accumulate, finished suddenly angry and uncompromising, and these emotions can come down at the wrong time - in the most intimate. However, if you were born on November 11 convinced of the correctness of decisions and their appropriateness, whereas temporary difficulties are not able to break their faith and beliefs.

Health: So people tend to become slaves of their own body as the physical aspects of life are extremely important for them. Despite all the understanding of the problems of health, born on this day we are ready fanaticism treat yourself and others. Since they easily fall under foreign influence, they should avoid absolute trust doctors, fashionable drugs and treatment. They will be useful activity - aerobics, jogging, gymnastics, dance, but the competition is get round. Once in the dependence of the various stimulants - cigarettes, coffee, alcohol, and others, it will be difficult to break out of their web, so you need to minimally reduce their use.

Tip: You will not be superfluous sometimes forget about their desires. In order not to enter into a state of emptiness and depression, look for exit inner talents. Learn to demand necessary and will gladly accept gifts of fate.

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