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Fate: Determination, strength and will differentiate born on this day. Most of them are closed, and get together with them is very difficult. They do not make friends, so they are almost there. They follow the path of rejection by surrounding yourself his sullenness and closed. They should be open and helpful, and so they will have friends. By the way, the friends they make excellent - faithful, loyal help in all circumstances. Nature gave them the tenacity, sharp mind and will, which will be the flagship of the path to financial victories and high social status.

The mystery of the birth: Born November 9 tend to be given to immediacy, earthly pleasures and finding empirical heights. Absorbed pleasure, they become blind, and stupefies their mind, not looking what's going on behind his back. For those born on November 9 the most fertile challenge may be realism about himself, looking at his reflection, it is also his immeasurable talent and erupted like lava energy is directed to the benefit of and creativity. However, the temptation never retreats in their lives to the background all the time puts in contrast with public morality and personal, value education with experience. As a rule, born November 9 ethical instincts are not asleep, and committing sins, they are conscious of this.

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Some of birth 9 November can transcend the balance of sanity and find intellectual satisfaction and natural in dark and dangerous affairs, contrary to the law, morality. From the joy of discovery in those born on this day add up the positive aspects of their lives, and enable a variety of experiments to find out about yourself something new and open a new external world. Developing a philosophical principle, they can come to contemplation and reflection, to adequately analyze the situation and give the right decision. But even the wise elder of them in the heat of passion can lose your head. Some do it is inherent in peace and tranquility. Living "on the verge" born must learn to protect, and respect for the others, pacifying selfish motives in their behavior.

The refusal of birth 9 November react painful and can leave a dissolving in doubts and fears, in the worst case they are immersed into the dark fantasies. Highly person directed to the knowledge of the dark forces of life and the universe, sharing this knowledge with others. Like Orpheus, once risen from the ground, and the birth 9 November must press forward to the light, without turning around. Because there is a risk to stay both physically and morally. Therefore, they need to put high standards of moral and ethical goals.

Health: Emotional instability, sooner or later overtake born on 9 November. Waviness successes and failures can be balanced diet, physical activity, yoga, meditation. The food should be preferred vegetarian food or necessarily reduce the amount of meat consumed. Birth 9 November like sports to outcomes (objectives) - surfing, gymnastics, climbing. A good sleep will be useful, but to use it for running from the real problems are not worth it.

Tip: The spiritual side of your personality, needs development, do not forget about it. Learn to stand in the face of difficulties, keeping afloat. Always be aware of the consequences of pleasure, which completely surrender. In other eyes look at their own lives. Do not ignore the inner voice, and go for your best start.

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