Birthday   November  8   horoscope



Fate: This is the day the dual natures, which is dominated by negative traits. The difficulties of life born on this day due to the constant struggle with the negative qualities of his nature. Only if born November 8 will find happiness if they can overcome their dark side, to change and follow the light feeling - kindness, mercy. Many tests they met on the way, however, if they are overcome, it will achieve its goals.

Mystery birthday: You were born on November 8th strange hobby - they are interested in those aspects of the human experience, repels others and taken for doubtful and suspicious. They sickened are anchored within the ordinary. Outwardly their "strange" may not appear - the usual appearance and behavior. However, with increasing time to communicate with such people reveal their true interests and inclinations, from the seemingly bizarre and strange. Born November 8 are constantly striving to find the boundaries of knowledge, expanding them and increasing. They are not predictable, and their life is at first glance looks absolutely random.

Zodiac sign characteristics


Almost all representatives of the sign, born on this day, manic relate to perform actions, their interests and pursuits. They tend to concentrate, they have this talent, they can wear down not only themselves, but also lovers, family, friends, if not subdue his impulses, and not to relax. Born November 8 should pay eyes to the simple pleasures of life and not to complicate the situation for the most part far-fetched. Luck of money often accompanies born November 8, so they likely to succeed in the field of finance. We were born on this day moderate optimism, always looking for evidence and practical evidence. They are not prone to prejudice, so take into account and consider worthy ideas. But the thirst for power can overwhelm them. And a stabilizing counterweight such cases are the harmonious family and social relationships. Born November 8 should deal with the darker side of his personality, not to enter into relationships with socially disadvantaged members and not to get involved in crime and its accompanying action - drugs, gambling, money fraud.

In life born November 8 bring greater efficiency of their partners in the family business and having conservative views. Be that as it may, the dark side of the personality, born on November 8 meet demand, this can be done through books, movies, communicating with the dark side of human existence. It would be better for those born on November 8 once met "his demon" as latent inhibition properties, ignoring domestic concerns may lead to negative outbursts, frustration and a sense of raging fury.

It is not clear is whether self-examination or a psychoanalyst, but for those born on this day is very important to have the support of a loved one with whom you can talk. For those born on this day must clearly draw the line separating his inner world from the outside, without going to extremes the contradictions, not burrowing deep into the experiences and without falling into the abyss of the outside world, hurting self.

Health: mental health - the most vulnerable in those born on November 8. They need to develop a system of protection and to define the boundaries. Thus born November 8 should not embark on the path of psychological isolation, as well as to suppress the dark sides of personality. Do not be amiss to professional psychological therapy. In the event of a failure to communicate with a specialist, they can familiarize themselves with the medical literature, study books, become a member of discussion groups and groups of psychological support, to become the creator of your own program of personal development or self-examination. But most of them without a good mentor can not do. For them, showing the aesthetic emotion, and of exercise - yoga.

Tip: Enjoy the worldly pleasures. You can gain experience by observing the daily life. The friendship with the Twilight possible double. Open your heart for compassion, become more accessible. Fill your life with no residue.

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