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Fate: peaceful, dedication, good humor - that traits born on 7 November. They are distinguished by perseverance and hard work. To any ideas they relate to persistence, eventually coming to success. They especially lend themselves to scientific research, pedagogy, psychology.

The mystery of the birth: birth 7 November and are drawn to adventure. However, in the final analysis they are interested and enjoy it in the first place they are interested in the process of cognition - a craving for new and unknown. Like explorers, they want to look at is not yet open, explore, learn first. And they can give all this rushing energy of them, no matter the processes of macro or microcosm they are studying. Birth 7 November wonder all around, like children, they are taking steps in the direction of all at once, so much of their adventures beckon. And if you bring new knowledge in their professional work something useful, they operate with increased enthusiasm. They are addicted to the assembly and disassembly of the various devices, with interest examining their content, they often do not look in the manual, and do not listen to advice. Therefore they are called eternal students, korpyaschimi over textbooks and improve their knowledge, to eventually turn to the perfection of their creations.

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The main methods of birth 7 November are based on assays and experiments, although the bar very high, and their satisfaction with the results rarely achievable and possible only if one hundred percent according to their expectations. That is why the rulers of them go picky and meticulous. Born November 7 like fun and can be quite charming and funny. They were not very nice feature - the deceitfulness of those to whom they are not tied, and the affection they apply to the few. Pity becomes who sees the friendliness of the special relationship born on November 7. Often this behavior is peculiar to women born on November 7, they twine their lives deep moat and walls, to overcome that danger. Heartbreakers, they mercilessly beat other people's hearts, and love for them will always be associated with a risk.

Both sexes born on November 7 is in a critical and dangerous situations or to the achievement of power, ready to be emotional, and the ruthlessness to suppress inner feelings. Those who are open towards the outside, easy to take on location and friendly attitude. The birth 7 November laid the tendency to overcome obstacles and adversity. Therefore, a more torture and torment them can usually work, calm and peaceful family life social situations without shocks. So bored and tormented by emotional hunger, born November 7 artificially create problems for yourself. Because with born November 7 must take a course on purpose, enriching their intellectual and spiritual development, in addition, to develop self-discipline, and directed to implement these goals relentlessly, without perceiving external stimuli as a signal for a retreat from the planned. Their youth is full of openness to the outside world that can drown out the need to know yourself, this lesson should dedicate his future life, mostly after 36 years.

However, laziness and complacency born November 7 may slow down the process of self-discovery with age. In this regard, there is a danger that pokachnetsya their self-confidence, which will lead to a sense of his own helplessness and negative attitude to his forces. So they can become bitter enemies for themselves. Therefore, born November 7 as anyone else you need to believe in ourselves, a positive attitude to the world, to recognize and take their place in it.

Health: In the body, born November 7 may show a variety of diseases of the digestive, reproductive and excretory systems. Women should especially watch out for taking birth control drugs. Men born on November 7, must pay attention to the urinary and prostate. Born November 7 have an excellent appetite, so this love can turn into a career chef, a connoisseur of wines. Natural curiosity will encourage them to experiment in the kitchen and combination products, so they should keep normal weight and avoid alcohol, especially at an older age. Much of birth 7 November adore exercise and sexual fun, so these people do not even need to beg to join the pedestrian walks or biking, they are happy themselves become the initiators of the Proms.

Tip: Take care of yourself. Do not be passive plant. Erected on a pedestal of personal goals and strive for them all being. Beware of situations that can lead to emotional injury. Keep under control sexual outbursts.

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