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Fate: This contradictory nature in which the vibrations are increasing day and cultivated traits manifested most strongly. There are two ways that you can follow. The first way of ethics, compassion, kindness, goodness, it born on this day in the correct use of their talents will come to the welfare of the soul and success on all fronts. The second - the path of evil, cruelty, jealousy, envy - it covers all sorts of way to joy and success, and leads to loneliness and life collapse.

Mystery birthday: The irrepressible nature of birth 6 November, spurting geysers of energy is not left alone and others are able to wake up a bear in hibernation. Those born on this day inherent or the ability to inspire people, or to engage in the construction around him comfortable environment filled with healthy enthusiasm and boiling torrents. From them and pulled out energy waves, like the lava of the volcano. Such rampant and contagious enthusiasm because of birth 6 November totally unsophisticated and sincere.

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Their belief in their talents and success of their implementation for the most part justified. Thus it is possible to drown in self-confidence and adequately assess the situation, focusing on previous victory. Birth 6 November should be aware that success is like a roller coaster, its trail is full of bends in the ups and downs. Therefore, in assessing the realism of situations need to be grown in the person of birth 6 November, and with age in particular. Also in support of the needs of their ability to be objective, but with her help, they are able to maintain the high quality of its performance.

They are characterized by a talent to please others, this joy can transform into entertainment and amusement of others. But in their environment sometimes not welcome them straight, arrogant and uncompromising nature. Too powerful energy of birth 6 November can oppress and annoy you know people who consider themselves realists. Such an attitude sensitive to birth 6 November. The very day dedicated to the awakening of energy, so such a huge domestic explosive and restless energy born on this day. They need to learn to safely and actually refers to the failures and disappointments, despite their dislike of rejection and inattention. Working with people who do not share their beliefs, they will benefit. Spiritual growth is possible in finding mental balance, finding balance and tranquility, this will contribute to a continuous flow of energy waves, rather than their individual pulsation clots.

Normally highly personality of birth 6 November have an excellent sense of humor that allows to deviate from the seriousness and gloom, and interact successfully with others. But their humorous attacks can sometimes offend and hurt others, acquiring shades of irony and satire. Physical began to dominate in some representatives of the sign, born on November 6, but their influence on others is irrational, instinctive nature. This impact is most pronounced in sexual relationships than in the emotional interaction with people and clothes provocation rather than a calming effect. Born November 6 possess effective methods aimed at opening the eyes of others to themselves, even though the latter may not like their real reflection in the mirror, especially near and dear.

Birth 6 November following is an objective and truthful and not be curved mirror distorts reality. At the same time we must remember that the concealment of the truth is permissible and is the only solution.

Health: complacency with regard to their health - the main enemy of birth 6 November, they can not neglect the periodic clinical examination and control of their weight and nutrition. Born November 6 strong physically, so the only benefit they will exercise, competition, training on the endurance test, yoga and even martial arts. On the dance is also worth mentioning. Birth 6 November need to control the processes of digestion and function selection, and therefore would be useful a diet rich in fiber.

Tip: Encourage common sense in its influence on others. Learn to restrain emotions, while not getting in contradiction with itself. To others looked at your bright start, move their gloom and pessimism aside. Disappointment must be overcome, learn this with the least emotional losses.

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