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Fate: The duality inherent in individuals born on this day. Kindness is intertwined with aggression, suspicion and caution should be hand in hand with naivete. With good taste, they have subtly feel the beauty of the gift. They make good jewelers, artists, poets. The complex nature of the causes of restless and uneasy life. They tend to travel, they are obsessed with the thirst for new adventures, so natural for them to change their place of residence and occupation. This variability becomes an obstacle on the way to a comfortable life. For them, it is important to figure out what their goals and send them to achieve all their strength.

Mystery birthday: The most prominent feature born November 5 - realism. Lying to them is not acceptable in any cases, their words are always true, and action is the material embodiment of their speeches. So, if you want to know about the present contact born November 5th. They very clearly imprinted traits belonging to any group - family, work collectives, social groups, religious community. Born November 5 tend to break up the legend, distinguishing between fiction and half-truths. By directing your energy to it, they show remarkable courage. Sometimes one sees rebellious spirit, ready to stand up against all the barricades, but others may perceive it as an imposition and intervention in the case, they are not related. Born November 5 rarely popular among relatives, but eventually they are able to attract them to their positions.

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Wisdom thoughts about the boat, which should not be shaken, if you sit there and bitch about for themselves, not to be to file - absolutely not applicable to born November 5th. By nature lazy, do not bother to work on themselves, encountering obstacles, they tend to hide the truth about the self. Huge efforts have been made to them to preserve hope in secret, but this is to the detriment of themselves and others. They should realize the significance of his reticence - from her more harm, it restricts and hinders their development as individuals. And it would be better that people knew about them more information, maybe their lives would be improved slightly. Simultaneously, born November 5 is necessary to maintain the internal identity. The struggle for identity has been very fierce, if external circumstances and people try to limit their scope unacceptable. The love of attention to itself and the fear of losing status make this fight in the difficult task. Sometimes they are addicted to the search for the secrets unraveling of human relationships and the discovery of truth, that they forget about the huge reservoir of life - self.

We should not forget about the importance of their realism - born November 5 consider it the basic foundation of all knowledge. Born November 5 crave to have the latest information on any issues, so they eagerly eats into every line of the book or a newspaper, listen attentively to the radio and television programs. And lose the pleasure and the need to be in a world of ever-changing information even on a day fraught with pain. Born November 5, regardless of social status like to be in the general stream and the center of events. Live the events increases their self-esteem. However, there may come a time when it would go into the background, and priority will be solitude, privacy or personal life.

Health: Mental balance for those born on November 5 is very important. It should be more attentive to their tendency to give service to others, passing eventually into submission. Self-knowledge for them can only contribute time, sometimes it requires special treatment. Innovations in the means and methods of medicine are always curious known personalities born November 5, so we need to distinguish between a reasonable approach to the treatment and medical follow fashion innovations. It is acceptable for them to use traditional therapy, medication, herbs, vitamins, diet to follow. One of the treatments may be normal balanced diet of grains and vegetables with protein restriction. For them to be useful as a moderate load swimming and hiking.

Tip: Do not surround your life and other people's fates do not make them the center of your universe. Internal inquiries - that's what you have to follow. Know themselves, develop their personalities and become open to the world and change.

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