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Fate: Notable personalities bestowed this Earth Day. They are shining stars, and fortune favors. Tribulations pass by them, as the case is successfully resolved, as if by magic. In the affairs of their success, and the results are always surpass any expectations. The ability to interact with people, motivate them to bypass the critical moments in the relationship allows them to become active participants in public life, to have patrons, supporters gather around, be in the flow of relevant information and important events. They reach stunning heights and live happily with joy, prosperity and comfort.

Mystery birthday: Internal contradictions live birth 4 November. Through words and actions they stimulate others, themselves trying to take the lead, whether it's their own home or community. Externally, born November 4, plain and simple, without outstanding beauty, but inner wealth and power of their personality completely compensate their homeliness, presenting the charm and kindness in relationships. At first sight these people look energetic and open, they can not even suspect that they have a talent agent provocateur. However, further contact with them shows their real ability to "brew porridge" and break through the most reliable defense.

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Breaking down all resistance, born on this day are always aware of weaknesses and vulnerabilities. Carried away, they can greatly accelerate and then become unmanageable. Born November 4 need to know your limits and do not go beyond them, controlling energy and really appreciating their tasks and methods of their implementation, and most importantly - to be creative about life. A sense of humor they have honed to perfection, though it may at times be restrained and dry, or too contagious. This humorous approach is humane property of the person born on November 4, and makes it easy to overcome the class, racial, or religious differences. In addition, a sense of humor people, dissolves confusion and discomfort in communication.

Born November 4 because of their positive attitude is alien to depression, and it is difficult to understand the negative attitude of others. The difficulty lies in the fact that sometimes their optimism is not justified and obscures the seriousness of the situation in which the balance of power becomes not in their favor. Person born November 4 attractive and charming, deftly weaves persuasion ignoring or label rebuff any critical attacks on their side. In them the firm belief that their true point of view, sooner or later will become the point of view of others. However, they tend to underestimate the sensitivity of the audience, especially when presented with negative views in a provocative manner, or depressing. So they create a chaotic mood around him and undermine his influence.

Such people are never in debt, but like when they provide services. Sometimes they give to others too, that others are starting to use it, waiting, it seems impossible. For some representatives, born November 4, such expectations are a heavy load, no matter how strong and their energy was immeasurable. Born November 4 need to choose the right partner, especially with respect to women. Men born on November 4, taking into account their excess emotions in family relationships, it is necessary to beware of depending on others' opinions and influence.

Health: The ability to attract strong energy may periodically drain the mental and physical resources of birth 4 November, so they should allocate their time to perform the duties and rest regularly to relax at home or other quiet places, spending time in solitude. Those born on this day neglected diseases and symptoms of the illness, sometimes carried away the health of others. They recommended prevention of infectious diseases. A majority of those born on November 4 should follow a diet, because the propensity to overeating can exceed all bounds. For women, it should be noted as a separate item. To overcome these tendencies will exercise.

Tip: In life often takes a neutral position. Do not worry in the working moments of emotion and control. Do not do more than you would under force. By being demanding of others, be careful. Leaving the house, do not forget to bring a sense of humor, it will not be more than ever.

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