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Fate: Such people are born strong-willed, determined and vain. Acute intuition helps to jump in time to catch the right car and grab your luck by the tail. Do not miss the happy coincidence, they advance further in achieving planned, eventually gaining victory. Intuitive instincts warn them about possible dangers, so they almost always avoid them. Cash flows to favor him, so their financial affairs will succeed.

Mystery birthday: Fighters - so you can call born November 3, they exhibit greater endurance and indomitable perseverance, no matter what class it may concern. The spirit of competition living in them, and even if the call is not abandoned, they still are directed forward, to its own purposes. They are characterized by the desire for continuous improvement of its position and ranks, so they considered a natural desire to change things for the better. Ty a explosive potential, in stressful situations, they are cold-blooded. Perfect calm shown on their face in moments of danger, but the opponents of this should not become easier, they do not relax. In the minutes of an attack of birth 3 November turned into ruthless punitive, regardless of gender.

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At the same time, they are patient and know when to wait. Haste is not welcome them, and confidence that the time with them at the same time, fully captures their mind. From the side it seems that the birth of the day varies, but it is not - they are just waiting for the right moment of the throw. They do not face failure due to carelessness and impulsivity. They are designed to capture the action could surprise the enemy, and it is the merit of an exact calculation, but not their luck or unexpected actions.

In particular, born November 3 sorrowful failures. Their desire to win sometimes become manic shades, which can lead to tragic consequences, if luck suddenly miss. It happens that the failure grab them like a tsunami - and the collapse of the financial and emotional problems - if they are exhausted mentally and even prone to suicide. Since birth 3 November, along with aggressive impulses may be dissolved in trouble and despair turn into sufferers who alienated his one eye will talk about the full life failure. The other side of the personality is such that under the reverent gaze of luck they bloom and show features a friendly and open person, capable to become the soul of any society. Emotionally gusts can open them unpredictable and expression.

Born November 3 concentrated well, they are harmoniously combined mental and physical development, but they tend to be limited in terms of feelings. Sometimes they build a deep gulf between themselves and those who intrude into their private, intimate, they disliked this invasion. Thus born on this day manifest themselves as good listeners other people's problems, treating others with genuine sympathy. These people are incredible depth, but their own integrity, they often do not understand the strength.

Birth 3 November easily become enemies, and this is due to their tactics, and with a tendency to make fun of others. They are quite verbal skirmish to incinerate enemy. Therefore, born November 3 should learn to restrain aggressive impulses, couching them in peace and moderation. To grow spiritually and to grow as a person, born November 3 need to pacify his intolerance, learn to forgive.

Health: The tendency to pained impulses and repressed emotions leads born November 3 to various problems of physical and mental health. So you need to keep in check self-destructive impulses and anxious mood. With regard to the physical health of birth 3 November, it is important to protect the digestive organs, particularly the intestines. Sudden and extreme situations in this area generate the formation of malignant tumors, kidney stones, and peptic ulcer disease. Born on this day can be called gluttons, and the extra weight they are not perceived as painful condition, fats and alcohol - constant components of their dishes. All these excesses are absorbed up until the start to manifest unpleasant results of such connivance in food. Therefore, the pleasure of eating must alternate with exercise and regulating the composition of food - a habit.

Tip: Learn to step back from disappointments, and not to get upset. Release the inner resentment, pain and stress. Do not get carried away with their enthusiasm, evaluate it adequately. Beware of idleness. Tames lust for unbridled pleasure and enjoyment.

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