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Fate: Born November 1 closed, aggressive and ambitious. Independence for them in the first place, they have all their views, which they are not ready to give up, even in those cases when it is wrong. This irrational feature will give them trouble and repel others. They need to learn to listen to the opinions of others, not just to defend their position, learn to respect and learn the wisdom of life, so they will come to success. They are full of creative talents, so they can show their art, theater activities, literature.

Mystery birthday: Selected case born November 1 are given without a trace. The very day draws hazardous activities. A born November 1, consciously or intuitively try to feel the danger. Title chosen by the criterion is the presence of dangerous moments in her intriguing scenes that concern, frighten and attract. Monotonous as driving their enthusiasm to zero and causes apathy. The need for strong emotions are so strong that they can not rest until not fully realize it. Aggressiveness such individuals easily spills. However, assertiveness born November 1 is not able to offend or hurt others, because they are prone to directness and simplicity.

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But among them there are dark horses that could disrupt something from others. To discover the essence of their identity before the end of almost no one can. Born on November 1 as no confident in their abilities, which sometimes leads to injuries - physical and psychological. Their other feature - the underestimation of the enemy, they dismiss all of the recommendations to be careful. Born November 1 need to be realistic about others and generally become more objective. To do this, they should seek the advice from the sidelines.

The euphoria leads born November 1 instant attack when at home they triumphed for a second before the fight. And stay in this celebration they are extremely difficult, no matter what it concerned - paperwork, instrument opponent in sport or lover. Lightning attack - is a tactic born November 1, they do not accept negligence and strikes half-heartedly. Their actions can be called an emergency, and such people have to be considered, but the arts are dangerous for them back.

Born on November 1 can perfectly understand the technical mechanisms and human souls, but sometimes are not able to know himself. Too much time is necessary for them to understand the underlying motives of his soul. They recommended to temper the offensive and more cautious attitude to things. Add to that the sober mind and common sense, they need to develop, then they will achieve their goals.

Health: Accidents accompany born November 1 everywhere, and no wonder. Daily health care must become commonplace for them, and the need to invest in it common sense. Such people are energetic and active. The energy they can spend in active competition, games and sports. Born on November 1 can get excited about the martial arts, but the most important thing in them - not to overdo it and to be wary of occupations. Born on November 1 are not picky in taste sensations, but attempts to streamline their supply completely discarded. With alcohol should not be a friendship, you should refrain from it.

Tip: Common Sense - your main companion, finding and do not lose it. Take care of yourself in everyday affairs. Insure your rear and rush boldly forward. Take time for self-discovery.

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