Birthday November  30  horoscope



Destiny: dual nature have born on this day. They have a versatile talent, but due to the nature of the adventure of finding the right application, they are unlikely. They tend to get involved in dubious cases. Sometimes their goals for themselves is a mystery, so the constant throwing them natural. Do not determine the final in any visible goals, they will just wander aimlessly through life. Therefore, they should generate the confidence, determination, perseverance, to always see the target and go to the attainment of a decent life.

Mystery birthday: Birth November 30 almost never hurrying to catch everything that they do, they make systematically reasonably and prudently. They laid an instinctive feeling that allows to know the time of impact, that it was right on target. Intuition their overdeveloped, so it is not difficult to suddenly attack anyone who opposes their dreams and initiatives. Opponents, rivals and enemies see their failures carefully planned and costed work born November 30th. Much information can be obtained about those born on this day by the method of their work and behavior during the labor process.

Separating your customer by offering concepts and positioning it to himself, born November 30 mentally are several strands to further developments in order to be ready for any eventuality. It all starts with basic training, determining the venue, time, are carefully selected, and the unsuspecting victim remains paralyzed. And then - there comes a time to attack.

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Birthday November  29  horoscope



Fate: Happy people on the ground sends a fate on this day, they are enchanting. From them comes the powerful energy that can subtly influence others. These people have a strong will and perseverance, they can not stop the move forward, they have a strong character. So from them will depend on many things. Having chosen the path of light, it is strewn with victories and achievements, who themselves will go into their hands, as if by magic. The dark road will lead them to a bleak and disappointing results. Spangled betrayal, intrigue, malice, their path comes to a standstill loneliness and loss.

Mystery birthday: These people are provocateurs, experiencing the pleasure of his wiles and "rocking the boat", and even the presence of a born November 29 can change the course of events. They are not afraid of criticisms of them as offenders, they are not interested and do not matter. And born Nov. 29 ably possess the ability to use emotional levers. It's amazing how they manage to sharp word, a raised eyebrow or screaming silence lead to the desired results for them.

Perhaps they attribute to themselves the title of lackeys truth, and not worth getting up at them across the road. He who dares it falls under their chastening hand, and the punishment truly ruthlessly because fall exactly in a vulnerable position. And all because of the amazing talent to be aware of "Achilles' heels" of others. Only one thing can be alerted in this - the ability to stop to such actions in the name of justice were not sadistic or deprived of good sense.

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Birthday November  28  horoscope



Fate: heart full of courage born on this day. They are brave and hardworking. Showing enviable ability, they are talented, just, and good luck sheltering them from adversity. Their reliability is not questioned, they are always ready to lean on and lend a helping hand, others can be assured of their loyalty and reliability. Light began to allow them to be successful in all kinds of activities and endeavors. Their lives are going according to the book - easily, happily, happily.

Mystery birthday: Persons born on November 28 are classified as strong, so they should go their separate ways. In their souls lurk paradoxical properties, so often they appear before others in different guises, affecting the aggressiveness, the sensitivity. They need to have their own world view, although they can vary the speed of sound, entangled in a maze of irony or seriousness. Often determine the identity of birth 28 November to one group or another is difficult, whether they are conservative, or radicals, or right, or left, whether anarchists, or peace officers.

Although all of these concepts can hardly be applied to the birth 28 November with their original thinking, and watch and evaluate their possible only through belief systems created by them. Despite appearances physically strong people, yet born on this day the main basis of its existence is considered the beginning of an intellectual and moral side of the individual. Occasionally they take the established views, religious system or dogma, regardless of social or professional affiliation, they strongly defend its position.

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Birthday November  27  horoscope



Fate: Persistence and stubbornness - striking features born on this day. They are motivated, imperturbable and determined. Just reach their own plans. And their fate - in their hands. The desire for a prosperous life and the application of maximum efforts to achieve it will lead to happiness and well-being, and success will become a way of life. If they let go the reins and become weak-willed creatures in the face of fate, dull, faded life are guaranteed.

Mystery birthday: So people tend to generate any excitement or fall into the maelstrom of exciting events, or combine both properties. Born November 27 easy-going, they are ready to electrify everything they touch. Those born on this day is so impulsive, sometimes do not even think about them choose the right path, they have no time to talk about it. Often intuition comes to help, but she does not insure against trouble.

Born on November 27 may surprise manifestation of neurotic traits when their inner being and the outer world are covered by a continuous motion. They are capable of operating at the limit of strength, energy laying out completely when the job requires adherence to strict deadlines. As a rule, these people are indispensable in a team, so they undertake the responsibility.

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Birthday November  26  horoscope



Fate: People are born with great potential on this day. They are motivated, strong, confident and talented. Our own opinion is they have to each case, they are distinguished by the independence of judgment. Confidence in the correctness of their judgments would not will move them from their position. They are not subject to the influence of others, because they themselves demonstrate leadership qualities and can influence others, they contain the ability to wait for the right moment. Therefore, the research area for their most fertile. They may be interested in mysticism and the occult. Money matters are resolved as quickly and positively.

Mystery birthday: The peculiar behavior observed in those born on November 26, they seemed steeped in "another test" different from the usual. Their ideas are often couched in global philosophical sense, but practicality and pragmatism not shy away from the person born on this day. In its quest for success born November 26 is still in the forefront pushing spiritual development and implementation of creativity. They are the best reward in life than material gifts with praise and honors. Most of them perceive life as a creative process, so for them the most important values of every day, his experience. And while they can be torn from the soul overflowing incredible romantic plans and ideas.

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Birthday November  25  horoscope



Fate: Quiet people are born this day, they are responsible and kind. The first half of life can be complicated by difficulties in various tribulations, setbacks. However, the high patron greatly help to overcome them and create favorable conditions surrounding life. They will achieve the position, career, create a wonderful family, will establish a way of life, which is the prosperity and luxury.

Mystery birthday: These people - experts in various life tricks, they know how to win the marathon, is not wasting energy and to breathe correctly. They are in no hurry, but bring events closer. Their dynamism and furious energy does not exclude the presence of internal restraint, which adds to the treasury of the merits of another large bill. Daily work of born November 25 dynamic and productive, but in personal relationships reigns serenity, sensitivity, equanimity. Their tremendous energy - not chaos, but directed, smooth, smooth avalanche. Often they choose individual work and being in solitude, but a red thread through their life is attachment to anyone, and it certainly strong individuals - parents, spouses or children.

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Birthday November  24  horoscope



Destiny: A solid character and strength differs born on this day. It motivated people, boldly opening new doors, they are able to achieve enviable heights, gaining prosperity, welfare and comfort of life. Sharp wit, eloquence, practicality and discipline - the key to their victory. The circle of their friends is great, and they are all dedicated and loyal to their people. However, the envious are not asleep, ready to annoy at any time. Their talents can emerge in the field of art - music, painting, theater activities, art painting. These fans love to travel and relocate. Financial luck to them favorable.

Mystery birthday: Energy and sociability and spills over the edges of those born on November 24, but very important for them backlash - assessment of their efforts around. Born on November 24 may live alone, but one glance is enough to see the importance of friendship in their lives. They - great friends, but bad enemies. Quarrelsomeness nature constantly gets involved in their quarrels, luring in the tangled history, but the same feature is the engine of success.

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Birthday November  23  horoscope



Fate: Born November 23 - holders of the complex nature, they are strong-willed, mobile, energetic, sometimes recklessly thrown into the pool with his head, and sometimes there are also aggressive. They are distinguished by thinking outside the box. This makes them the black sheep among others, all of which are blamed on the strangeness born on this day, they just do not relate to them seriously that creates alienation, isolation and the accumulation of grievances in the soul born on November 23. With them hard to communicate, they are cautious, they are characterized by suspicion in the relationship. And all their existence like a struggle in which at stake - survival. The financial sector is full of both successes and failures.

Mystery birthday: open confrontation and power management systems are well characterized born November 23. They openly oppose, fearing nothing. Thus on faith that they are unlikely to accept. However, this fact did not cast them from compliance with the generally accepted precepts, for them the main thing to prove and verify the truth of their faith. If they will impose unacceptable demands that do not cause them respect, they may respond in silence or laconic, or even limited to eloquent gesture.

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Birthday November  22  horoscope



Fate: outstanding personality born on this day. Kindness, compassion, sense of justice manifest in them since childhood. Aggressive traits are not peculiar to them, and their point of view they are defending peace, dignity and kindly towards the opponent. They believe in the conflict-resolution of any problems. And that is the beginning of peace and good intentions of their love, so they always have around friends. They can easily use their talents in theatrical activities, literature, music. And financial fortune favors them.

Mystery birthday: In life, born November 22 necessarily present the leitmotif of liberation. Those born on this day women aspire to equality and fairness to him, boldly sweeping away barriers. It happens that to overcome difficulties leaving remnants of strength and energy, in which case they are upset, but mourn with new strength taken to win their freedom. Born November 22, too freedom-loving men, and it is that, taking the place of the sun, they begin to follow the principles and laws opposed by earlier.

Typically, born November 22 do not care about the opinions of others about themselves. They surround themselves with their own world, where the reign of their own laws defining life, taste, fashion, and to address important challenges they use moral sense. And born November 22 seeking not only their freedom, but also to give it to others. This behavior is a fighter who oppose government restrictions, the company leads to conflicts in both public and family life. Thus is born this day, it is desirable to smooth the rough edges and not to run into them to behave tactfully, without provocation and sharp statements.

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Birthday November  21  horoscope



Fate: cunning inherent born on this day, they are secretive and uncommunicative. Friends they are reluctant to acquire, but enemies to gain time, so they have a lot of enemies. Life troubles they have to overcome, using only their own strength and work hard, support will not be nowhere. However immeasurable the pursuit of happiness combined with a strong persistence in overcoming difficulties to help them find it and create their own world of well-being and comfort.

Mystery birthday: subtle sense of beauty differs born November 21 from others. It permeates all of their mannerisms, gestures, posture, and the ideas and results of their work is perfect. Their curiosity is aimed at all new in the community, no doubt rejecting old-fashioned trends. However, they can easily get out of pigeonholed abandoned the concept, to revive and modernize them to be able to apply them to the new realities. So born November 21 benefit society, rethinking a new way centuries-old tradition. But not everyone can understand it - the parents and the older generation is not able to take the essence of the innovations brought by born on this day.

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Birthday November  20  horoscope



Fate: The born November 20 has great creative potential. They are characterized by determination, diligence, perseverance in the course of the task. Their lives are full of adventures, emotions and events. Their talents, they can manifest in literature, medicine, healing. In the financial business they need not worry, they will be stable and successful.

Mystery birthday: Wrestlers by nature, born November 20 often drawn into all sorts of confrontation, conflict, strife. They were unaccustomed to all ideas and contradictory actions are the theme of conversations, discussions and the subject of study by others. Born in November 20 may occur and rebellious traits, despite their loyalty to the external environment. As a rule, the source periodically awakening antagonism appear extreme in their views of Birth 20 November excessive stubbornness in their defense.

They always eloquent, and are not able to hold the ardor of phrases to yourself. It is easier to get involved in a fight than give up his words. And sarcasm born November 20 brilliantly honed. Their favorite activity - reveal someone else's pride and arrogance, and bring them to court others. Sometimes it seems that they feel euphoria when the opponent is not without them flies with his "skate."

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Birthday November  19  horoscope



Fate: born on this day are resolute, purposeful and peaceful. They kindly respond to other people's problems, always help in difficult situations. They are reliable and responsible, so they can expect and trust them. They stubbornly follow their goals. Able to interest others and carry along. Those born on this day can manifest talents in the field of science, politics, religion, art. A financial fortune favors them.

Mystery birthday: born in November 19 revolutionary spirit lives that requires constant change. But these changes do not translate into as series of protest. Their reformist spirit aspires to the creation of something new. They co-exist next to radical views and conservative, anarchy and integrity. And no movement can not do without control and a sense of oppression, no matter whether they favor or against it are themselves a source.

Often born November 19, you can blame the fact that they seek with maniacal voltage to strengthen its powers and in the team, and in the family. And God forbid, it comes on the delegation of powers and limits of government to this issue, they fit very sensitive and serious.

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Birthday November  18  horoscope



Fate: Happy star shone in the sky at the birth of these people. Only the positive properties of the vibrations amplify this day. The enormous energy potential of those born on this day, the strength and determination. They have excellent organizational skills, eloquence, persuasiveness and ability to influence others, it is a fertile ground for success in life. And financial fields will always be successful.

Mystery birthday: born today are very active, out of which gush energy, physical activity and mental potential. However, emotional instability still will determine their actions, even if they appear outwardly imperturbable, calm and collected. Self - their horse, which they use frequently to avoid unauthorized emission of lava from a volcano, Teplyaev soul. They can devote their energies and emotions in the mainstream art, using them in their work. They are sociable and love attention. Born November 18 want to play leading roles. Ambition, they are investing in the interests of a group or collective, which represent. They are endowed with different talents, and humble, and bright, but their implementation, they prefer to deal only in the way they themselves want.

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Birthday November  17  horoscope



Fate: The complex fate of those born on this day. The vibrations of the day increases the negative character traits. Such people are all given hard work and only they will pave the way forward. Adversity and challenges will accompany their way. However, the good life is possible for them, provided that their dedication, perseverance and determination, they prevail against all the failures and overcome the difficulties.

Mystery birthday: These are the people - the peacemakers, akin to the bridge connecting the two opposing camps, they combine different interests, points of view, different people. They are like the intersection, which attracts a lot of lines. Sometimes birth 17 November turned into binding solution that preserves the integrity of the entire building. They are always up to date and make the necessary action so as to preserve the well-being and peace, family, and professional and public.

Bridge Day - Birthday November 17 brings to the nature of their variability, it is due to vibration of the day in which it is a cultural and genetic inner content, which began a few. Therefore, the person born on November 17 presented a model of what a harmonious combination of incongruous possible, namely the various class, cultural, political and other categories can coexist in the same person. In addition, birth 17 November abhorrent discrimination, antagonism, sharp contradictions quarrel.

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Birthday November  16  horoscope



Fate: The determination, independence, independence distinguishes born on this day. With hard work and determination, they are capable of great success and achievement, but excessive suspiciousness and a tendency to take offense will always disturb them. The excessive self-centeredness also bring success in business, especially if it is manifested in this case inappropriate. Favorable living environment around them can only be achieved if respect for themselves and others when they realize their own value, and others, when will learn to be proud of yourself and treat carefully and kindness to relatives and others.

Mystery birthday: Women born on November 16, at least the men born on this day, seek power, and a very good knowledge of ways to use it for their own purposes. They have a reputation as the ultimate superiors and directors work and family relationships. Also, they make excellent counselors, coaches working in social groups, collectives and teams. They are the absolute leaders and their position is always indisputable, as they laid the natural wisdom, allowing conflict-free and peacefully resolve issues preventing hostility and sharp contradictions.

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Birthday November  15  horoscope



Fate: pragmatism and commitment differentiates individuals born on this day. They are prudent and clever, showing persistence in achieving goals, they are hardworking and have the ability, so it is always making progress. The financial success is always at hand as well as in any other field. Also apply their efforts and talents they soar stairs of any height and successfully remain on it, caressed honor and glory.

Mystery birthday: For those born on November 15 routinely encounter strangers and circumstances. Therefore, born on this day should always be prepared as a chance, and the planned events. The tendency to increased conflict born November 15 bring them to the big fights in which his words will not come back and did not give back up for any gain or tranquility. And not just to defend their interests they will be until the end, they were willing to fight and those who depend on them, and in need of protection.

They do not like useless disputes and deadlocks, considering himself above them. Their true power manifests itself in the defense, and the weapons they use, - the threat of retaliation. Inner strength born November 15, urges those around them once again not to touch, not to stir up a hornet's nest.

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Birthday November  14  horoscope



Fate: Endowments born on this day is obvious, they have a brilliant mind and imagination. Wit and keen intuition can recognize people and do not make mistakes in them, which is very helpful in the vicissitudes of life. They can successfully take medicine or healing. Finance favorable to them, and family relationships are full of idyllic and understanding.

Mystery birthday: The tendency to study under the microscope is inherent in the world born on November 14th. Their curiosity overflows, especially in the study of the external world. And at the same time they are different selectivity and always clear position on various issues. Regardless of opinions, whether full or conservatism, liberalism, their opinion about public debt is clear and highly moral. These are people - leaders, leading behind him.

Born November 14 always want to do something to improve or correct the defect, even if objectively this is not a disadvantage. Necessarily, they should understand that in any case they are based on a subjective vision of the problems and the contribution they can not always find a worthy estimation of others. For example, in a love relationship is generally better to keep your mouth shut.

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Birthday November  13  horoscope



Destiny: A complex and controversial nature are born on this day. The vibrations increase the energy of the day the qualities that prevail in man. Therefore, only from it will depend on his life, because what path he chooses for himself. If born on this day will gain self-confidence, cultivating faith in a happy and prosperous destiny, they will be able to conquer any sphere of life, succeeding and enjoying. If the worm of doubt and uncertainty will make the way in their soul, then sad and gloomy cloud thickens over their destinies, without the hope of the joy of life. In addition, a permanent depression that invariably will pursue them in their lives failed ultimately undermine any health.

Mystery birthday: Tendency to comment on the various events characteristic of birth 13 November, all of them imbued with comments insight and understanding. Regardless of social status, they are in all situations safely express their views and take a stand against what they consider important. They may be interested in a completely different field, but the social and political issues are most concerned about. Their diverse sources of knowledge - from book publications in sociology or history, ending with newspapers and TV programs, so they always have their own opinion about the correctness or incorrectness of the events.

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Birthday November  12  horoscope



Fate: born on this day are confident one hundred percent. Their determination, independence of thought and action they often create difficulties. However, they go through the test, solve problems and difficulties and finally become winners. Difficulties their temper and train their faith in their own strength, dignity they pass through the trouble maintaining cordial warmth and purity of soul. The winners, they are able to accomplish much, and surround yourself with comfort.

Mystery birthday: Persons born on November 12, endowed with a special sensitivity and magnetism, which affect all aspects of their lives. Sensual permeated their physical appearance and their work, and magnetism is manifested in family relationships, secret romances, professional and social spheres. Some representatives over gifted talent, but born on November 12 to be very careful to use the striking manifestations of their "I". They can work miracles in everyday life, which leads to the delight of others, causing awe, and sometimes even in the perception of the divinity of their fans.

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Birthday  November 11   horoscope



Fate: karmic debts full life born November 11, they will have to fulfill. It is not surprising to be hardships, persecutions, betrayals, and other hardships. Only by changing ourselves, the hard way mistakes and repent, they will be able to convert the external unfavorable conditions for them.

If they do not realize that only a peaceful path of forgiveness and mercy will lead them to change their own destiny, then they will remain the same, filled with troubles and hardships, and joys in life they do not vidat.Tayna birthday: You were born on November 11 pleasant appearance perhaps even a bright, but inside lurks the depth and ambiguity are complex personality, combining concern and secrecy. They are easily manipulated by others, presenting claims to the people important to them or work.

They interact with their twilight essence, and this communication causes them humorous mood and gives a sense of the ridiculous. This is typical of comedians. By nature, born November 11 got features that allow them to be a good family man, breadwinners and protectors of the house. For them to be in the comfort and warmth of a home or a family feast takes great happiness. As a rule, they are excellent organizers ready "comb" of any professional group or social group.

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Birthday   November  10   horoscope



Fate: ambition, impulsiveness and independence gave the fate of those born on this day. They are powerful energy pulses, they are quick-tempered and have a good intuition. In his youth, they can meet challenges, the solution of which will determine their future life. If they go out of their dignity and be able to use their talents, while all the external conditions are aimed at creating an atmosphere around them prosperity, good luck, love and success.

Mystery birthday: Constant change - that's what awaits born November 10, it refers to himself and the materials used in the work. Internal changes are they extremely painful, accompanied by methane and struggle, especially when the process of being finalized. Born November 10 at times tend to wrap itself in a cocoon of silk threads, hiding from the outside world, so that one day reveal his magnificent wings of a butterfly, hatched from cocoons. In his youth, they do not have even a hint of the individual, they will later.

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Birthday   November  9   horoscope



Fate: Determination, strength and will differentiate born on this day. Most of them are closed, and get together with them is very difficult. They do not make friends, so they are almost there. They follow the path of rejection by surrounding yourself his sullenness and closed. They should be open and helpful, and so they will have friends. By the way, the friends they make excellent - faithful, loyal help in all circumstances. Nature gave them the tenacity, sharp mind and will, which will be the flagship of the path to financial victories and high social status.

The mystery of the birth: Born November 9 tend to be given to immediacy, earthly pleasures and finding empirical heights. Absorbed pleasure, they become blind, and stupefies their mind, not looking what's going on behind his back. For those born on November 9 the most fertile challenge may be realism about himself, looking at his reflection, it is also his immeasurable talent and erupted like lava energy is directed to the benefit of and creativity. However, the temptation never retreats in their lives to the background all the time puts in contrast with public morality and personal, value education with experience. As a rule, born November 9 ethical instincts are not asleep, and committing sins, they are conscious of this.

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Birthday   November  8   horoscope



Fate: This is the day the dual natures, which is dominated by negative traits. The difficulties of life born on this day due to the constant struggle with the negative qualities of his nature. Only if born November 8 will find happiness if they can overcome their dark side, to change and follow the light feeling - kindness, mercy. Many tests they met on the way, however, if they are overcome, it will achieve its goals.

Mystery birthday: You were born on November 8th strange hobby - they are interested in those aspects of the human experience, repels others and taken for doubtful and suspicious. They sickened are anchored within the ordinary. Outwardly their "strange" may not appear - the usual appearance and behavior. However, with increasing time to communicate with such people reveal their true interests and inclinations, from the seemingly bizarre and strange. Born November 8 are constantly striving to find the boundaries of knowledge, expanding them and increasing. They are not predictable, and their life is at first glance looks absolutely random.

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Birthday   November  7   horoscope



Fate: peaceful, dedication, good humor - that traits born on 7 November. They are distinguished by perseverance and hard work. To any ideas they relate to persistence, eventually coming to success. They especially lend themselves to scientific research, pedagogy, psychology.

The mystery of the birth: birth 7 November and are drawn to adventure. However, in the final analysis they are interested and enjoy it in the first place they are interested in the process of cognition - a craving for new and unknown. Like explorers, they want to look at is not yet open, explore, learn first. And they can give all this rushing energy of them, no matter the processes of macro or microcosm they are studying. Birth 7 November wonder all around, like children, they are taking steps in the direction of all at once, so much of their adventures beckon. And if you bring new knowledge in their professional work something useful, they operate with increased enthusiasm. They are addicted to the assembly and disassembly of the various devices, with interest examining their content, they often do not look in the manual, and do not listen to advice. Therefore they are called eternal students, korpyaschimi over textbooks and improve their knowledge, to eventually turn to the perfection of their creations.

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Birthday   November  6   horoscope



Fate: This contradictory nature in which the vibrations are increasing day and cultivated traits manifested most strongly. There are two ways that you can follow. The first way of ethics, compassion, kindness, goodness, it born on this day in the correct use of their talents will come to the welfare of the soul and success on all fronts. The second - the path of evil, cruelty, jealousy, envy - it covers all sorts of way to joy and success, and leads to loneliness and life collapse.

Mystery birthday: The irrepressible nature of birth 6 November, spurting geysers of energy is not left alone and others are able to wake up a bear in hibernation. Those born on this day inherent or the ability to inspire people, or to engage in the construction around him comfortable environment filled with healthy enthusiasm and boiling torrents. From them and pulled out energy waves, like the lava of the volcano. Such rampant and contagious enthusiasm because of birth 6 November totally unsophisticated and sincere.

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Birthday   November  5   horoscope



Fate: The duality inherent in individuals born on this day. Kindness is intertwined with aggression, suspicion and caution should be hand in hand with naivete. With good taste, they have subtly feel the beauty of the gift. They make good jewelers, artists, poets. The complex nature of the causes of restless and uneasy life. They tend to travel, they are obsessed with the thirst for new adventures, so natural for them to change their place of residence and occupation. This variability becomes an obstacle on the way to a comfortable life. For them, it is important to figure out what their goals and send them to achieve all their strength.

Mystery birthday: The most prominent feature born November 5 - realism. Lying to them is not acceptable in any cases, their words are always true, and action is the material embodiment of their speeches. So, if you want to know about the present contact born November 5th. They very clearly imprinted traits belonging to any group - family, work collectives, social groups, religious community. Born November 5 tend to break up the legend, distinguishing between fiction and half-truths. By directing your energy to it, they show remarkable courage. Sometimes one sees rebellious spirit, ready to stand up against all the barricades, but others may perceive it as an imposition and intervention in the case, they are not related. Born November 5 rarely popular among relatives, but eventually they are able to attract them to their positions.

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Birthday   November  4   horoscope



Fate: Notable personalities bestowed this Earth Day. They are shining stars, and fortune favors. Tribulations pass by them, as the case is successfully resolved, as if by magic. In the affairs of their success, and the results are always surpass any expectations. The ability to interact with people, motivate them to bypass the critical moments in the relationship allows them to become active participants in public life, to have patrons, supporters gather around, be in the flow of relevant information and important events. They reach stunning heights and live happily with joy, prosperity and comfort.

Mystery birthday: Internal contradictions live birth 4 November. Through words and actions they stimulate others, themselves trying to take the lead, whether it's their own home or community. Externally, born November 4, plain and simple, without outstanding beauty, but inner wealth and power of their personality completely compensate their homeliness, presenting the charm and kindness in relationships. At first sight these people look energetic and open, they can not even suspect that they have a talent agent provocateur. However, further contact with them shows their real ability to "brew porridge" and break through the most reliable defense.

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Birthday   November  3   horoscope



Fate: Such people are born strong-willed, determined and vain. Acute intuition helps to jump in time to catch the right car and grab your luck by the tail. Do not miss the happy coincidence, they advance further in achieving planned, eventually gaining victory. Intuitive instincts warn them about possible dangers, so they almost always avoid them. Cash flows to favor him, so their financial affairs will succeed.

Mystery birthday: Fighters - so you can call born November 3, they exhibit greater endurance and indomitable perseverance, no matter what class it may concern. The spirit of competition living in them, and even if the call is not abandoned, they still are directed forward, to its own purposes. They are characterized by the desire for continuous improvement of its position and ranks, so they considered a natural desire to change things for the better. Ty a explosive potential, in stressful situations, they are cold-blooded. Perfect calm shown on their face in moments of danger, but the opponents of this should not become easier, they do not relax. In the minutes of an attack of birth 3 November turned into ruthless punitive, regardless of gender.

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Birthday November  1  horoscope



Fate: Born November 1 closed, aggressive and ambitious. Independence for them in the first place, they have all their views, which they are not ready to give up, even in those cases when it is wrong. This irrational feature will give them trouble and repel others. They need to learn to listen to the opinions of others, not just to defend their position, learn to respect and learn the wisdom of life, so they will come to success. They are full of creative talents, so they can show their art, theater activities, literature.

Mystery birthday: Selected case born November 1 are given without a trace. The very day draws hazardous activities. A born November 1, consciously or intuitively try to feel the danger. Title chosen by the criterion is the presence of dangerous moments in her intriguing scenes that concern, frighten and attract. Monotonous as driving their enthusiasm to zero and causes apathy. The need for strong emotions are so strong that they can not rest until not fully realize it. Aggressiveness such individuals easily spills. However, assertiveness born November 1 is not able to offend or hurt others, because they are prone to directness and simplicity.

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