Birthday   May 31  horoscope



On this day they are born smart, ambitious and motivated Twins. Outwardly, they look like other members of this sign of the zodiac, is very sociable and easy, charismatic and good-natured. But this is only a mask concealing quite hard and maloemotsionalnyh people who fully kept his feelings under control and listen only to the voice of reason and logic. At the same time, strangely enough, they are sufficiently creative nature. Intuition also not neglected, preferring to use it to solve problems.

Often these people are so oppressed by repeated failures, they can seek solace at the bottom of the bottle or on the tip of the needle. Often they are so much pity myself that fall into the vicious circle of depression and self-pity. To avoid these traps, they need to try to learn to accept reality as it is, to see not only bad but also good, as negative and positive in real life are closely intertwined and difficult to find one without the other.

Zodiac sign characteristics


We must learn to accept both sides without cycles on any one. Also, for these people it is essential self. Sometimes they do not need to fight with difficulties and challenges to the last, you need to be tricky, because of the problems may be solved by itself, as a result of inactivity. Do not get too tough to plan your day, just do not need to eat completely on schedule, give yourself more freedom in diet. Also it is necessary to diversify and qualitative component of their diet. Learn to enjoy the taste of food, do not consider it only as a source of strength.

The work born May 31 sometimes show themselves as moderate and cool people. But they are not evil and know how to be nice. Their internal maloemotsionalnost often caused by self-doubt, which they carefully hide, or some psychological problem that stretches them from childhood.
These people do not like to play up and cheat, they prefer to move in a straight line and just socialize. Try to deal only with those things that are considered serious enough to not exchange themselves on what they consider nonsense. However, they always pay attention to the little things, because they seek nothing lose their attention. Native they can torture and tediousness of his love into an argument.
The initiatives are always active and infect others with their energy. Influence of Gemini makes them focus on the mental plane, that is, the intellect and the mind, but nevertheless the physical presence of these people in the room also felt quite strongly, sometimes no less than their mind. The sexual aspect of these people often manifested a strange taste.
The decisions they take once and for all, then persuade them virtually impossible. To argue with such people, it is necessary, or to appeal to their sense of honor and nobility, or, oddly enough, the show of sentimentality and emotion. However, these emotions to come into resonance with the fact that these people feel and understand this is difficult, because their inner world, they carefully hide from everyone. Even the closest people are allowed to occasionally after several years.
If these people inspire an idea that has no popularity in society, they will not retreat and will work to popularize their ideas and the creation of the most popular. They say these people are always very confident, they know how to convince fine. Their principle is: "Confidence - half the battle." But deep down, they are afraid to lose to eventual defeat, these people are always not ready, which can cause even depression. However, most of these people are able to pull myself together.
Tips for those who born May 31,

Like other twins, these people are very well adapted to rapid change, are able to change yourself, by nature rather chaotic and unstable. Sometimes they try to rein in their nature and subdue all their lives rigors and planning. They do not sit for a minute without moving, or in a hurry somewhere, or doing housework or work, or, finally, move the furniture, because they are fed up with the previous situation. They are masters of all trades and happily engaged in craft work.
If nature gave them several talents, it is better to choose any one, the development of which they will be engaged. These people need to work on gaining inner harmony and balance, this can also help family life and work for the good of society. Otherwise, as their metuschayasya soul will remain in a constant state of irritation and discontent. Escape from it in peace and idleness still does not work, detachment and inaction are not able to bring happiness to these people.

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