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On this day born magnetically attractive and charismatic nature. The twins, born May 29, usually extroverts, they like to chat, witty, intelligent, they always have a lot of friends. These people can easily adapt to any situation and quickly find the approach to any person. In conversation, they reveal themselves as diplomats and subtle psychologist, so people are usually willing to follow them. These people - excellent speakers, and they are extremely pleased to carry on a conversation. Also born on May 29 great turn complex information into an accessible for presentation and understanding of the mass of people.

These people have a high traumatic. Because of their carelessness and lightness they often get caught in dangerous adventures, so they definitely need to know the basics of self-defense. Be sure to pay attention to the pain, discomfort and fear, which is also good for the body's protective reaction. Born May 29, people need from time to time required to visit a psychologist to whom they could entrust their problems. As for diet, the best option would be three meals a day at the same hours as scheduled. Do not forget about moderation sports, in order not to grow stout.

Zodiac sign characteristics


These people love new and interesting ideas, but at the same time paying much attention to the traditions, not forgetting them. They are quite emotional drama and love, always paying attention to the exciting events. They are not afraid of confrontation and was happy to stand up for injustice offended. They enthusiastically will fight for the group you represent, whether it's their company or social group.
These people do not tend to get the authoritarian power, they are always looking for a compromise, always listen to the suggestions of others and patiently to criticism. Many believe their altruistic because they are actively helping other people, but born May 29 do not forget about themselves. This is the case when people can not find the perfect mix between public and private, not to the detriment of one party.
These people are fighters against injustice, and the keepers of the good old customs. Their task - adapting traditions to modern conditions. For money and wealth, they do not chase, but, however, usually get richer without any problems. Born May 29 it is imperative that they have the audience, those people who always listened to their speech from the rostrum. It may even work colleagues or friends, but in the complete absence of students born May 29 suffer greatly.
Tips for those who born May 29,

These people should learn to keep his innate aggressiveness under control. Of course, this does not mean that they always have to respond to someone else's aggression and anger let-go, there are situations where aggression and anger are useful and necessary, but should be able to refrain from violence. Rather than get into a fight, it is better to use your wits, oratory, or let off steam in sports. In any case, these people really need to learn to control himself in any situation, if necessary.
Verbal sparring - a special pleasure for those people. But do not completely focus on the development of the mind and wit, do not forget also about maintaining the tone of the body. Despite the fact that your activity requires immediate and voluntary actions, learn to still influence the situation quietly, gradually - this is for you the shortest path to success.

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