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28 May birthstone - Gemini and are born on this day fussy, restless nature. They are curious, agile, operate as soon as it comes into my head the idea. They love a variety of adventure and danger, love to travel (especially in hazardous areas), chasing colorful, strong impressions and new acquaintances. These people absolutely can not stand the monotonous boring days. Routine kills them. They never get bored, so they always have a lot of friends.
Diseases born May 28

Unfortunately, these people are often injured or they happen accidents. This is due to their love of a dangerous adventure, their inattention to safety, their careless. They are too much forgotten, too fond of experimenting, and sometimes fate is punishing them for it too harshly. Most often, these people are optimistic for the future, unless they are more or less favorable are the relations with other people.

But neglect by others or a strong disapproval of society gives them a nervous breakdown. Important to maintain the psychological health of born May 28 - is the rational organization of his life and a suitable point of application of the forces and talents. For peace of mind they need as close and native people, friends and family as a very moral support they need in the difficult moments of life. Monotony quickly bored these people in all walks of life, and the food - not the exception.

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Therefore, they recommended more often indulge themselves exotic, often experimenting in the field of cooking and get acquainted with the world of cuisine. If these people do not work by professional athletes, it is better to limit their physical activity is not the most energy-intensive and traumatic sports. Moderation in the sport it is absolutely necessary.

These people - the real innovators, who dream of a better world. They love the original and deceptively simple, ingenious ideas that are trying to make a reality. In his view of the world they are usually stubborn, open and independent of anyone else. Most often, they succeed to the professional activity where they work. But they sometimes change their job, and so on until they find really his life's work.

So they are looking for them, and the right social niche. Born May 28, not only idealists and dreamers, they are men of action. The most important thing for them - is the freedom and independence in their actions. However, it happens that people forget about these accepted norms of behavior and violate the laws of society. If as a result they make imprudent escapade and their fate will change much, they may become depressed, as will much experience.

To go up and start to build something from scratch, these people need determination, and for some time after the failure they can gain moral strength. In the absence of determination of these people quickly lowered his hands again.

Born May 28 build their own destiny. They rarely resort to the help of their friends or parents, even when they have useful for communication. These people prefer the full independence and brick themselves brick by brick build your fate, even if you have to get out of poverty itself. The weakest of these people may complain about the fate of long and suffer if they did not immediately attract the attention of their ideas and the public.

But they will have to adapt to the existing system and start working within it, waiting for the right moment to reveal his ideas to the world. Otherwise, all they will achieve - this irritation in response to the complaint.

Teachers of these people better not to work, because they are extremely difficult to explain their ideas and thoughts. And they do not always think through all the details, carried away more action. When they begin to work, lost in dealing with the head, they are somewhat removed from the people around them, and if nothing at this time will not be able to explain to them.
Tips for those born May 28
These people need to train yourself how to find a more specific answer to the question why they instigate a particular case, for what work. Do not interfere, and ask this question on the actions of others. The fact is that May 28 born very quickly tend to throw one thing, as soon as possible to take up another, and then throw his undertakings for the third and so on.

Sometimes they begin to deal simultaneously with several chores, eventually throw them all for the sake of something else, that at the moment they seem more interesting. They are constantly looking for new experiences and new inspiration.

Perhaps this is partly due to the fact that they are afraid to lose the spark of creativity, fear mechanistic approach to implementation of their ideas. However, it does not hurt to be patient and learn all the same to bring their case before the final phase. After all, they live for the sake of their cases, so it is not necessary to throw halfway something so important.

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