Birthday   May  24   horoscope



Which zodiac sign born May 24?
On this day born pronounced extroverted Gemini. They may agree to almost anything, is very charming, clever and resourceful. These people use their charisma to make friends and to get useful contacts. They are diplomatic, soft and if necessary easily wins the dispute, both born speakers. If the situation demands it, they are quite easy to adapt to any requirements and conditions, if necessary, easy to obey.

Diseases born May 24
Vulnerability organism born May 24 people - the nervous system. They are very sensitive and are often at risk of a nervous breakdown. By engaging in community work, mostly as a result of the retreat they choose under any pretext, because they can not endure the nervous work. Periods of solitude they very much needed for recuperation. Mobility and activity of these people are also often the cause of their high injury.

Zodiac sign characteristics


Especially in this regard suffer from their hands and shoulders. They better not to smoke and to get enough sleep at least a couple times a week, though daily life of these people rarely allow such a luxury. Passion for cooking would be helpful for them with regard to diet, it is useful to experiment with a variety of cuisine and the peoples of the world.

Jobs and careers of those born May 24,
These people are quite interested in social issues and are often included in the political race. They close rebellious attitude, as they like to criticize, showing his wit and sense of humor. Sarcasm - one of their favorite tools, they shamelessly hone in on relatives and friends.

Almost always, these people openly share their views on the social order, and fiercely brand plagues society. But their point of view changes frequently, sometimes every few years, and it happens that once a month, which ultimately causes confusion and doubt in their reliability.

These people do not like to discuss their personal lives and in spite of their sociability and love to discuss politics, personal life is for them - a taboo. Their image of an open and accessible to all people - no more than a mask. Sometimes that communication they perceive not as a dialogue, as a monologue of their own personality in order to share with the world their point of view. It is not easy to friends of these people, because they have to endure the ridicule and sarcasm, as well as part of the long monologues.

Most often, these people defend the interests of the poorest. They love to fight and confrontation, it is their element. But often they sin too subjective, so it is important to choose a strong patron among politicians and work on his team.

Tips for those who born May 24,
These people - good speakers, they are perfectly able to conquer the crowd. They can act as a discreet philosophers, which is also very attracted to him people. Most often, these people are idealists, for them, there are only ideas, usually very ambitious, but the actual problems of modern reality, too, they are interested, they are easily able to concentrate.

These people live in a different physical world and rarely descend to the ground. So, they are rarely involved in the life and housework, preferring to hire a housewife. Often, these people bring to the lives of others a lot of chaos and destruction, as the conductors and the epitome of public anger, resentment or cruelty. But they need to try to stay on the edge, so as not to become a household dictators often discharged tense situation evolving around them, often to joke and laugh, not resorting to the favorite sarcasm and humor to good-naturedly.

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