Birthday   May  23   horoscope



Which zodiac sign born May 23?
On this day, we are born very interesting unconventional personality, philosophers, thinkers, freedom-loving Gemini. Their vision recalls the gift of prophecy, so far as they are able to foresee the consequences of certain actions.

It thinkers, innovators, often offering ideas that at the moment the society has not yet been able to assess adequately. They are generally well educated, they are interested in a lot of different things, they can discuss on various topics. These people are attentive to detail, but not at the expense of the total grasp of the situation.

Diseases born May 23
Despite the restraint and prudence born May 23 people in his spare time, so they tend to "let go" himself, that is high risk of injury in sports, driving a car, frivolous adventure. They need to try to choose some less dangerous are capable of relaxation. Also, these people need to listen carefully to your body, to which they usually are deaf.

Zodiac sign characteristics


They must not forget from time to time to drink a course of vitamins, eat a balanced, to help in the treatment of homeopathic remedies. At work, they help to establish friendly relations with colleagues by organizing leisure and corporate events for employees. Feel free to use for the good of the cause his acquaintances, both working and relaxing for a friendly lunch or a walk in the company of colleagues.

Jobs and careers of those born May 23
These people have great talent to pass the crowd what they feel themselves. They are easy and can even seem frivolous, but he could not miss one - they are always sexy and attractive. They can not love, but can not be overlooked. These people are extremely charismatic. They are kind to the children and give them all the time sometimes. Born May 23 - just great parents, dealing with children, not only to develop games and gave them all the time.

To know these people do not seek. They are sensual and harmonious, rarely experience the feeling of irritation. Born May 23 love sport, dancing, chess, and other games. They are smart, often work in the scientific field. For those who work in the field of mathematical disciplines and to study physics, great passion is music and art. Also, often these people love their own hands to make toys, sew, embroider, cut, plane.

The problems they encounter with head held high, although, like all people, do not like to face once again with difficulties. Often they completely ignore their problems, to solve the problems of others. Sometimes it happens that such inattention to his life brings more trouble.

Tips for those born May 23
These people always have to feel the space flight of his thoughts, otherwise the situation will be too much pressure on them. They are contraindicated loneliness as born May 23 need a lot of communication. Even if they are engaged in individual work, it would be better if they would work around the same busy work like the people with whom they could communicate in.

Also, they do not desire to please everyone happy and to fulfill all the requests, because of what they are bound to disregard their own lives and their special. They are trying to help everyone to serve and make a good impression, but the price for it is still too high. Born May 23 must learn to deny others requests, paying attention in the first place for themselves and their problems.

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