Birthday   May  21   horoscope



Which zodiac sign born May 21?
On this day are born active, never sitting on the site of the Twins. They appreciate the information, communication and new acquaintances and constant movement. They love to share the obtained information and new knowledge, always happy to chat. Despite the fact that they often only superficially studied subject, they are often known as a result of it more than many of those who have long studied a particular area of knowledge.

Diseases born May 21
Activity born May 21 may also lead them to health problems. For the sake of achieving these people will work without prodyhu and may one day tore its quite strong from birth health. Hooked case, they are often too late to notice that already ill. Another dangerous habit of these people: a complete disregard for the physical limitations of both its own and others' capabilities.

Therefore, they definitely need to listen to the advice of others and to be more attentive to your body. The greatest burden is experiencing their nervous system, but, fortunately, it is usually these people are very strong. Also, these people are very important to eat regularly, because they spend a huge amount of energy due to their active lifestyle. It is also extremely useful to them will be a short nap, but in the case only if it will not cause a night of insomnia.

Zodiac sign characteristics


Jobs and careers of those born May 21,
These people are very strong and purposeful, they are not afraid of confrontations, of which can not go very long, no matter how difficult they may be. From the end they did not depart. Born on May 21, seeking to translate their ideas into practice, to prove to everyone and myself their performance. They did not give up and not lose interest, they lit a fire for a long time, sometimes for life. These people love to transform and accumulate gross material performance in subtle ideological.

They are very attracted to the service of the public good, is not so important, they have to fight for a society or against modern trends, to try to make this life better. Among these people there are deeply interested in their own benefit, and selfless defenders of the oppressed and unfortunate. But more often it is easier to give and to help than to receive. This feature can be traced even in the fact that they prefer to give gifts, not take them. So often it is difficult to accept help from others, rather than to help themselves.

At work, they often loners, who are accustomed to a completely all phases of work to do for yourself. And the money for the embodiment of their projects, they are often found by chance at the last minute. They usually have full confidence in the correctness and usefulness of their ideas to the public, probably due to his belief that they gain support.

Often, these people desperately unlucky, and for many years they work in an atmosphere of ridicule, but even in such circumstances, they rarely deviate from the plan. These people are always nice to take a seat head, because by their nature they love to obey. It happens throughout life, they have not recruited the courage to tell the world about their ideas, in such cases, they hide on the back of stronger family and friends.

Tips for those who born May 21,
Born May 21 must have the courage to tell the world about their ideas, otherwise they will be unhappy all my life from the reproaches of his own conscience. Also, they should refrain from taking a position sacrificial most miserable and oppressed, and to avoid too selfish and arrogant behavior.

They need time to time to conceptualize their activities and their motives, leveling course and correct mistakes, to control their own selfish interests. They also need to learn how to safely take advantage of the help of others, not only to provide its own - it's two sides of the same process, and strangely quiet to do one and avoid the other as something shameful. Accept foreign assistance was not ashamed.

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