Birthday May 18  horoscope



What zodiac sign born May 18?
May 18 are born idealistic creative nature, fast, almost militant and very sensitive. These Taurus love people and sincerely want to make their lives a little better. They empathy, usually intelligent and spiritually developed. They dream to do everything possible to improve the world.

Sometimes these people become politicians or social activists, journalists and writers, sometimes artists, musicians, composers, singers, even athletes. Anyway, these people through the media and their achievements through the interview trying to convey their views to others.

Diseases born May 18
Born May 18 it is necessary to fulfill their desires, otherwise unrealized energy driven inside, one will escape, and this greatly affects their health. Sometimes these people pursuing too strong libido, but they can easily send a portion of the energy in the creative direction and get rid of unpleasant sensations.

Zodiac sign characteristics


Their temperament choleric, unexpected flashes of anger may badly affect their cardiovascular system in general and in particular pressure.

To lower the risk, they should reduce the consumption of meat and try to make your diet at least partially vegetarian. Their schedule must include periodic rest. Is very important for these people good, long sleep, you can even sleep in the afternoon, if it does not cause a night of insomnia.

Jobs and careers of those born May 18
These people are usually in one way or another - the enemies of traditions, if only because they dream of a better life. At the same time, of course, from something you need to step back and something must be destroyed.

Most often, they direct their protests against injustice and violations of the law. Almost always born May 18 - patriots for their country, they are ready to sacrifice their lives. At the same time they can be dreamy, but some practicality in the nature of these people is still present.

Most often, they disdainfully refer to the nature of irrational people who are not able to clearly plan and follow the plan both in work and in life. Themselves born May 18 love to do all according to plan, without haste and panic, in a quiet pace. But they often do not know how to hold his tongue when faced with inertia, prejudice or hindsight. This can create a lot of trouble to them.

Poultry and friends usually these people are a voice of logic and reason. But for children, they should be less authoritativeness and dictatorship, they too demanding for their offspring and too zealously their abuse for the slightest error.

It also happens that these people are so addicted to their work, they themselves become quite irrational, but this is what they most hate in others.
Often, these people are very hard to take criticism from the outside. They are hard to change, it's hard to admit their mistakes, although they often these traits in themselves do not see. They are so committed to their ideas and commitment to excellence that sometimes themselves become closed-minded and backward people, as paradoxical as it sounds.

Life is born in May 18 currently curiosity. They try yourself in different spheres of life, to find what they like more. Usually they are logical and consistent. So, before you build projects alteration of life and social order, they certainly will be engaged in furnishing his own life and his own house, will put in order the data areas of life. If the youth of something fettered and restricted, not given to try everything that is interesting to them, then they will do so in adulthood.

Tips for those born on May 18
These people are constantly at war, with others, with the conditions of life, with yourself. These people are restless and looking for themselves prudently conflicts and battles. Overly responsible, they completely forget about themselves and their personal lives. For this reason, born May 18 often unhappy personal life.

Often they are alone. Their friends can be great to help them if they pull up in time, make slow down and think about what they are doing with their lives and whether it is time to somehow adjust course.

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