Birthday May 16  horoscope



What zodiac sign born May 16?
May 16 are born intelligent, generous and magnanimous Taurus. They are always polite, accurate, attentive, happy to do good and be happy to make another example of a highly moral life. This innate spiritual teachers. They are curious, hungry for new knowledge, interested in diverse workout for the mind, as deep and versatile personality.

Externally, it is open and sociable extrovert, but inside it is very serious and thoughtful philosophers who contemplate life and are looking for answers to the eternal questions.

Diseases born May 16
Basis of Health born May 16 - tranquility and inner harmony. Being unhappy and razdergannymi, it is extremely difficult to maintain good health. Diet is best to choose the most simple and natural, less chemicals and preservatives different. When a bad mood born May 16 tend to eat too much, so they often suffer completeness.

Zodiac sign characteristics


They should monitor this issue and exercise regularly. Complete physical and mental health will provide them a happy family life, mutual love and respect. Vulnerable spot of their body - this ear-nose-throat, so you should protect yourself from all sorts of colds when sick - not to delay treatment, opting for decoctions of herbs and homeopathy, try to drink less powerful drugs, especially without a prescription.

Jobs and careers of those born May 16,
These people need to learn to find harmony and balance to study the manifestation of his violent nature and a certain restraint. Most often, these people are watching their attraction to a shocking behavior, it is believed that they are extroverts. Sometimes, especially if they were brought up quite strictly, all fiery temperament of their apparent only over the years.

But in any case, these people sooner or later will show all of their incontinence and choleric temperament. Sometimes they seem to be quiet and reserved people, under certain circumstances, they can be beat, attention, patience and even servility.
But if they do something seriously interested, then nature will still take its toll.

These people are easy to anger and anger. Taurus anger at all dangerous, especially if the Taurus - choleric, because his anger is truly frightening. However, if this indomitable energy born May 16 will be able to send, for example, into the mainstream of art, the result will please them nicely.

However, if they can not contain themselves a little and right channel the energy, it is without purpose and benefits poured out into space, to those who are near. Therefore, these people are extremely important to be able to control yourself.

Mental problems can result in permanent strong emotions or constant irritation and anger for those born on the 16th of May. The psychiatrist can not help them if they do not want to help themselves in the first place themselves. And depression and phobias, and the desire for self-destruction, and manic-depressive psychosis - everything is possible in these tumultuous natures, which are the born May 16.

With regard to the behavior of friends and their families at this moment, they better step aside, but, of course, does not disappear from the life born May 16, in case of need in time to help. Moral support is very important and loved ones need these people, but they can also close unleash their anger and depression.

Tips for those who born May 16,
With a joyful and happy life born May 16 is always very nice and easy, they exude warmth for all and all warm. It is important to choose clothes to taste and use it to harmonize their mood (their favorite clothes, as a rule, raises them up). For these people, it is very important to find a way suitable to them expression. They can be happy only because you have found exactly the style and it failed to adequately convey, then they are lucky, even in business and work.

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