Birthday May 14 horoscope



What zodiac sign born May 14?
On this day are born very far-sighted, shrewd and careful Taurus. They are practical, stand firmly on their feet, usually smarter than most people interested in innovative ideas for which it can safely go against the fashion and opinion of the majority.

These people are on the short leg with the times, they are perfectly "read" distant prospects and able to choose from a sea of ideas those upside down through the years and radically change the life. Often they are themselves important generator of ideas for all mankind.

Diseases born May 14
The main health scourge born May 14 - is stress. Well they only work when calm, so they need to learn to control himself. Stress can cause headaches, sore throat, back pain and neck cold. A balanced diet and regular exercise should protect people born on May 14 from the destructive effects of stress.

Zodiac sign characteristics


Diet, they should leave such to which they aspire themselves: it is most often potatoes, cereals, bread, root vegetables. Insomnia, they should not be treated with sleeping pills, it is better to study the techniques of meditation and relaxation, or refer to the hypnotist-therapist.

Jobs and careers of those born May 14
Born May 14 people are very careful to time, whether present or future. They are working vigorously to quickly come tomorrow, they see in modern perspectives in the bud.

Often these people or simply not interested in the past, or reject all the traditions and heritage of the past, because of what often are in confrontation with the conservative-minded part of society. For many of these people tradition - only bad habits and nothing else.

But the experiments, including work, these people are very fond of. And more trust from them cause their own ideas, plans and methods than from textbooks. These people are always looking for the very best, they strive for perfection in everything and are constantly in search of him. Therefore, they are always on their toes, but it is the love of perfection is capable to give them success. They work - are the real perfectionist who must do everything perfectly.

Own mistakes they are willing to fix up to infinity. But this monstrous power, is, breaks them, and they resign themselves to the fact that there is, cease to strive for something and to achieve something, give up and throw up their hands. Most often, then they become unhappy people who are not able to realize their potential.

They begin to vent their dissatisfaction and anger at loved ones, become quite unbearable quarrel with everyone. Babies born May 14 parents are always very difficult to get their praise, for this they need to be just perfect.

These people are extremely demanding and stubborn, but they are rarely given due attention to the spiritual dimension of life and are rarely emotionally sensitive people.
Born May 14 combine philosophical position observation of the world and everything happening and their own speed, movement dynamics.

They need to learn to distinguish surrounding these two stages, in order to understand when to withdraw and not to interfere, and when you can access born May 14 requests. Being in the mood spoiled, these people are just unbearable.

They require a proper understanding of others, and if not, they can show rudeness and intolerance. In addition to the work they prefer to set the pace, and it does not matter whether such a pace comfortable with other people. These innovators are often out of step with the times, so sometimes become the target of jokes or contempt on the part of colleagues and friends. But in the end the attitude towards them is changing, and they are appreciated at its true worth, though sometimes too late.

Tips for those born on May 14
Born May 14 much ahead of their time, and the surrounding gradually catch up with them, but not right away. Barriers and obstacles these people did not seem to notice, fearlessly throwing at them and using himself as a battering ram. They also carry the disease and without complaining and not in November, remaining stable. But the most educated and intelligent among those born May 14 usually listen to the advice of friends and listen to criticism and correcting their behavior.

Those who do not listen to anyone or anything do not pay attention, do not usually succeed and find themselves on the margins of life. Most importantly, it makes sense to remember those who were born on May 14 - is that their power is not unlimited, and that they are people, too, can get tired, that one day they may give up and rolled forward apathy that their strength also has its limits .

Therefore, they should try to get along with others, because he himself will be easier to work if they are configured to be in a friendly team.

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