Birthday May 12 horoscope



What zodiac sign born May 12?
On this day are born extremely impatient and active Taurus. They are very hardy and energetic at the same time that the logical manner can lead to excessive dedication. It figures in perpetual motion, they can not sit around, constantly striving to get away into the distance, like to travel, and a lot of impressions and new information, but appreciate the traditional values of Taurus and reliable rear: happy family, love, support loved ones.

These people have a great sense of humor and easy to find language with others easier, simpler and faster than other members of this zodiac sign. Also, these people tend to philosophical perception of the world. They learn about the world through its strong intuition and are always happy to share their vision with others.

Diseases born May 12
Like many other Taurus, born May 12 does not suffer from lack of appetite. They love to eat a lot, and often more tasty. But they were lucky similar diet in their case does not lead to fullness, because, thanks to their tireless and activity calories burned very quickly in their body. And that's what they should be avoided because it is night and reckless gulyanok gatherings with alcohol, as these parties can severely deplete their nervous system and undermine health.

Zodiac sign characteristics


For these people, it is crucial to be able to relax and calm down, because their nervous system is quite finely organized and very sensitive. Therefore, they should learn the art of meditation, yoga and self-knowledge, self-analysis. Depression rarely threaten these people too, they love the game, easy, fun, naughty antics.

Due to their activity, sedentary life, they can not pay the sport a long time: just average physical activity, if the sport is, of course, is not your profession.

Jobs and careers of those born May 12
Born May 12, love jokes and jokes, which sometimes can not stop. Rarely do they flirt so with dangerous people or people in positions of authority, but friends and family on their witty temper gets full. Even in the most serious and reserved people, born May 12, no, no, yes slip suddenly something unexpected and carnival. If each of them sleeps and wakes up sometimes cheerful imp.

In this case, born May 12 do not like to behave as expected and follow the generally accepted rules and stereotypes. They love to come up with its own rules and live by them. However, they always break other people's expectations, disturb peace and deprive all the rest, like a whirlwind. These people also love to expose and picking sheets, the highest happiness for them - to expose a couple of scandalous secrets or criticize the nines some generally accepted postulate.

In this case, born May 12 did not consider themselves to be nerdy and do not offer to break all the old world and replace it with the world on your prescription. What is considered immutable truth themselves, it may be impossible to understand. These insightful and thoughtful people rarely share in what they believe, with others. However, they are always ready to give advice that will certainly help to solve almost any problem.

It would be wrong to take these people for the revolutionaries and rebels, although their behavior is sometimes reminiscent of the behavior destroyer of the foundations. Yet these people are more conservative, and logic, rather than innovators. Also often they wear the mask of cold and reserved, serious person, but you should always remember that it is only a mask.

This mask born May 12 are to dissociate itself from the negative emotions of the world and somehow protect themselves. Often, these people become leaders that they are not happy, because this role does not suit them. They are not striving for power, but often do a lot for society as a result of their achievements seeking Executive Chair.

Tips for those born on May 12
Of course, such an unusual and, moreover, active people are always very noticeable. They inspire accomplishments and their activity and their self-confidence. One only their image helps others to take the top. In a personal communication, these people are very easy and attractive, and they do not like familiarity and love to laugh at the antics of ironic fate.

These people are hard to deceive or cheat, they are very perceptive and sensitive, a good sense of fashion and social change in public mood.

Empty fantazerstvo they do not approve themselves think clearly and specifically and are eager to share their observations and mockery minded people or formal empty rituals. Themselves they do not consider too frivolous or carefree, although from a different time and it seems that way. His irony and sarcasm they refer primarily against stupid prejudice and stupidity in general. But with such people is dangerous quarrel.

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