Birthday May 11 horoscope



What zodiac sign born May 11?
May 11 are born unique Taurus able to simultaneously work on two very different jobs and do many things simultaneously. One half of them pushes them towards a practical materialism, the other - in the direction of higher spirituality. In accordance with this duality of his born May 11 trying to prove himself in two areas.

They are ambitious, pragmatic, striving for wealth, at the same time it is important for these people to help humanity and as a benefit to society. If their ideas and work to help wronged, the oppressed, the poor out of misery and hardship, the born May 11 consider themselves to be fully valid.

Diseases born May 11
Since childhood, born May 11 constantly invent a different ailments than nothing frighten parents and knock them confused. Difficult, but only one way, try to understand the way of thinking born May 11 the child, the logic of his inventions and follow it. When these people grow in their character remains hypochondria.

Zodiac sign characteristics


About the health care they are even more likely to live long. The diet of these people quite messy, but it rarely harms their well-being and health.

Jobs and careers of those born May 11
These people love shocking, however, they do not have to invent the stress scenario, their antics as they are by nature extremely think outside the box, are the real freaks out of this world. Their riotous imagination gives them absolutely wild fantasies that they rarely dare to share with others, so as not to shock those.

But it also happens that these people can realize their original ideas and fantasies to life. This happens in the event that they come up with something useful for society and will be interested in his invention of others. We were born on May 11 has the talent to embody the most fantastic ideas into reality.

Also, these people can invent and embellish their words and stories in order to make a more memorable for the audience. Smart people always easy to distinguish them right from wrong, but most of them deceived. Lie artistically and beautifully born May 11 are able to just professionally. Rarely do they lie for profit and for profit, rather for the sake of bright and beautiful stories and emotions.

Sometimes due to a lack of confidence and reliance they deliberately shocking others, brag and glorify themselves in the extreme. Like children who thus try to attract the attention of adults. Attention and support born May 11 really is often lacking.

Often, people close to laugh at their eccentric and even consider them fools that very hurts the self-esteem of these people. Audacity and lies often lead these people to trouble, but thanks to his charisma they usually safely get away with it.

Tips for those born on May 11
Born 11 May need to understand that too many weird and crazy projects could undermine the credibility of the public, and their very real and useful project as a result may remain unappreciated and non-embodied. People may annoy and alienate too extravagant behavior. Someone might get tired of it and more interested in quiet and calm inventors and innovators.

But indulgence offends born May 11 is much stronger than ignoring. To cater to a close, which require them to normality, these people may try to break me, change my character and way of life, depressed.

If they manage to stick to his mask of normality, it does not make born May 11 happy because against their nature do not go and do not cheat nature. Born May 11 very much cherished by those who know how to take their eccentricity and difference from others and trying them in this remake and change

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