Birthday May 9 horoscope



What zodiac sign born May 9?
On the day of Victory are born creative dreamy calves, which are most often the artists, musicians, artists, architects, writers, filmmakers, inventors, but they have enough business acumen to the successful sale of their works and the accumulation of money.

They love the culture, beauty and art, keenly feel wonderful, happy to create beautiful and certainly useful things.

Diseases born May 9
Born May 9 people sometimes show extreme emotion, may engage in a fight in anger to break something and injure themselves. They need to learn to curb such destructive. These bold and even desperate people can sometimes not be aware of their actions. In addition, they clearly underestimate the power of stress, which greatly undermines the body from the inside.

Zodiac sign characteristics


They need to learn patience and tolerance, learn to abstract from their touching the things, so they can preserve their health for years to come. Help in this yoga, visit a therapist or psychologist, learning meditation techniques and relaxation - all that will help to control myself. As for the diet, you should eat less sugar and meat dishes, preferring fruits, fish, cereals, vegetables.

Jobs and careers of those born May 9,
These people are always true to his word and inspire others to the same noble behavior. They are always happy to defend the weak, highly valued justice themselves reliable and strong. They will fight to the last for their ideas and ideals, do not hesitate to sacrifice themselves and their own interests for the sake of a good cause.

They are addicted to fast and strong, but plans to build not like how they do not like to think clearly his actions. Often these people live with some fantastic dream, and so they can live a lifetime.

If they understand that their goals are unattainable, they are still difficult to back down and turn their attention to something else. They need to develop a philosophical view of the world and understanding that life is worth taking the way it is, because unrealizable wish useless.

There is nothing shameful or indecent to abandon unattainable goals and focus on the problem Let easier, but it is quite feasible. Born May 9 are always active, they are full of indomitable energy, like burning inside them some flames. They rarely attack first, but to defend themselves and protect the weak will violently.

Tips for those who born May 9,
These people are always charming and surrounded by friends and acquaintances. They are the center of attention, but they also have enemies a lot, because they are not able to control his wild, terrible anger that makes them very different people into monsters. From quiet and serious people can do nothing when the anger transforms them - it's frustrating and frightening including their loved ones, so for the sake of loved ones born May 9 must learn to hold back.

Indeed, in general, this noble people who always protect the weak and the oppressed unjustly. Tirana at any level and in any of its manifestations, whether individuals or organizations - always their worst enemies.

Strong emotions of these people are sent to those who surround them, so as soon as they become sad, as his anguish they are infected and those who are near. But how long miss these people can not because they are leaders and fighters by nature. They are humanists, but, as they say, good with his fists, which will not patiently endure insults and strong and powerful will change.

Their time and energy these people do not spend on unworthy things or simply vital vanity. They are always looking for serious scope of their abilities and usually find such. They make and successful artists, and successful business people, if they will focus on achievable goals. But the main secret of their success - is to master your emotions and work with its innate rage and anger.

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