Birthday May 6 horoscope



What zodiac sign born May 6?
On this day are born open communicative Taurus, real extroverts, not thinking of his life alone. They are polite, open to the world and people love to work in a team of like-minded and hate to be alone.

These people can get along with almost anyone, but, of course, prefer the company of similar individuals with them, which become their team and their friends. They are perfectly able to convey their point of view, to convince and to cooperate.

Diseases born May 6
Born May 6 Taurus prone to sudden outbursts, emotional mood swings, which may eventually lead them to depression. They need to learn to control myself and keep track of your mental life.

Often, too, these people are too strict and demanding of themselves are, they definitely need to learn to love yourself and treat yourself with respect. They should think more about yourself and a little less on the other, especially in terms of patronage to someone.

Zodiac sign characteristics


With regard to sexuality, there is this passionate Taurus need to control myself, to keep out the winds. The diet should include a large amount of cereals and cooked vegetables. Treatment - especially herbs, medicinal teas and homeopathy. And be sure to follow the condition of their sensory nerves. Nervous system - the body's vulnerability of these people.

Jobs and careers of those born May 6,
People born on this day - great visionaries and inventors, whose imagination has no equal. They have the gift of empathy, good feel strange mood and intentions of others, so it is very compassionately relate to people and try to help them fulfill their expectations and dreams.

These people tend to take care of others and care for them. They love to teach, to lead, protect, guard, guide. These are good educators, teachers and counselors.

Also, they are able to accurately voice secret desires and dreams of other people, even if they are not aware of them. But with the development of intuition and empathy born May 6 to be careful, of course, because they afford to bring trouble to the family and loved ones.

Also, they should be afraid to subject them to the lives of others or to push others to wrong actions. Forcing others to do only what is beneficial to themselves - not the most dignified behavior, much better to balance its own interests and those of others.

Often these people grow in difficult conditions, that to some extent determines their care and insight. Problem childhood teaches them a lot and they become stronger natures. If these people will take care of others, help the needy, they can be of great benefit to the society. But it also happens that these people sacrifice themselves to others, with much suffering in the depths of the soul from its own insoluble contradictions.

Their suffering they always hide from everyone. These people are hard to tolerate pain, sickness, suffering. They are very sensitive and vulnerable, fragile. Their whole life - a struggle with constant challenges. Sometimes they try to subdue his life as control, to rid yourself of unpleasant experiences that makes it extremely responsible and even boring work, making detailed plans for his life and following them almost second by second.

Violation of the plan seems to them something monstrous like easy retreat from him to destroy everything.

Tips for those who born May 6,
Joy and peace are often born May 6 - only a mask, revealing volcanic passion. It happens that they conceal from themselves, these emotions, but subconsciously realize them. Therefore, these people feel like perfectly hidden impulses in other people's souls. Largely due to his strong intuition and sensitivity of these people become an indispensable support in difficult times.

They never betray those who are close to them in the difficult moments of their lives will always be supported. Psychology disgruntled and unhappy close to them, so they always take the side of the weak. In many ways they are the sole protector of the people. Therefore, born May 6 should be afraid of too much affection and psychological dependence on the part of those they helped and who have done much good.

Of course, touching affection can very flattering, but it's an unhealthy relationship that can develop that limit and prevent the fulfillment of both parties.

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