Birthday May 3 horoscope



What zodiac sign born May 3?
On this day are born very outgoing, charismatic, open and stubborn Taurus. They are intelligent, endowed with a strong intuition can predict the development of a situation, soft, educated intellectuals.

They are practical and are quite active and energetic, so their combined influence of horoscope zodiac sign, and date of birth. Interlocutor just do not find nicer, enchant and any swing, the only thing these people often create their own problems by talking openly about all their secret plans and thoughts.

Diseases born May 3
Born May 3 - real glutton, they often overeat. To what extent these people save their activity and mobility. They're very freedom-loving, do not like to work in a team, so prefer to exercise alone. They can recommend jogging, walking, walking outdoors, cycling, yoga.

Zodiac sign characteristics


Born May 3 - excellent cooks who are happy to embody his culinary talents for the sake of friends. Vulnerable spot of their body: throat, neck, vocal cords, which should be especially protected.

Jobs and careers of those born May 3,
Born May 3 with interest studied sociology and laws of society. They are able to perfectly control the crowd, good and competent speakers, witty, remarkable, charismatic. They know how to keep the audience under full control, like a boa constrictor rabbits themselves completely dominate their feelings. These people are pragmatic, practical, they live this life and rarely soar in fantasies and dreams.

This is a very good reliable friends who will always help, especially they are indispensable in crisis situations, in which never lose their heads. They both feet are on the ground and always busy with everyday household or work problems. These people are always optimistic, and their sparkling humor certainly makes them stand out in any group. Sometimes they are too addicted and moving to biting sarcasm.

Born May 3 perfectly able to perform mediation work, they are indispensable in the role of judges and advisors. Of them will also have good business, because they are perfectly able to analyze the situation and predict their further development, among these people there are many analysts, marketers and managers.

Tips for those who born May 3,
In personal relationships born May 3 often do not look at themselves, so they are shy and do not dare to show that they like someone. In this case, they are often very demanding of others. It happens that this indecisiveness manifested in them and in other spheres of life. But the friends they make excellent as well-versed in human nature and are themselves charming intelligent people.

They often need to show their friendly warm feelings openly show that they value, and friends and family and appreciate the communication with them. The main danger threatening born May 3 - is a strong passion for any science, social movements or social projects. Sometimes, fascinated by something like this, they cease to pay attention to friends and loved ones. Yes, it carries them and doubles their knowledge, but do not forget about personal happiness.

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