Birthday May 2 horoscope



What zodiac sign born May 2?
Born May 2 rational, realistic Taurus, which is important goal, the end result and the result, not the idea itself. These materialists charismatic and sociable, they seem designed to work in a team.

These people do not like quarrels, easy to compromise, especially if it will help to avoid confrontation. They are calm, friendly and charming, but it's still a Taurus, so anger should not be, because, as you know, in anger Taurus terrible.

Diseases born May 2
Stubbornness and tenacity born May 2 people, as well as their performance and commitment can play havoc with their health: they are often subject to severe stress, why they may have a variety of psychological problems. They need to be constantly attentive to their mental well-being, we should also pay attention to migraine and pain in the throat, as a calf's throat is the weak spot of the body.

Zodiac sign characteristics


Their diet should prevail fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as dishes from cereals. Therefore, it is useful to people in all senses engaged in work in the garden and a private garden. Be sure to periodically arrange a vacation, whatever the hard work of those born on May 2 was.

Physical exercise should be moderate, not too much should be taken at the time and so rare holiday. But the most important is the ability to handle their emotions. These people should definitely take care of their mental health, which during the rest stabilizes and recovers quickly.

Jobs and careers of those born May 2,
Born May 2 very interesting man, his psychology and development. Usually they have a theory about its purpose and meaning of human life, which they willingly share. Their views over time they change very rarely. It is not surprising that these people are well versed in human psychology and the psychology of thinking. They see others as they say, through and through, and they are difficult to deceive or cheat.

In general, people are born May 2 enough power who prefer that the game was just by their rules. Their rules they are trying to install both at home and at work. These people do not like to lie or play up, they always cut a plain truth in the eye, sometimes too quickly and directly.

Diplomacy does not happen, but the respect they deserve. Sometimes it is difficult to refrain from discussing someone's life or behavior behind the man, sometimes pulling one way or another to intervene in the affairs of others and try to install it and its rules. Blame unwise curiosity, not just the love of power or some tricky calculations.
But gossip about his person these people very angered and infuriated.

Born May 2 tired from too frequent contacts with a variety of people, so they prefer to work on a farm or in art, or in small commercial organizations. It is, rather, business people, not art, they primarily rely on his mind rather than inspiration or intuition. But they are perfectly able to analyze the facts and make conclusions. If they are addicted to something, then gives himself a new hobby or study the new science.

Tips for those who born May 2,
Often born May 2 are too harsh and rude tactless people. Sometimes they are too hard to express their thoughts and their views on others, that sets people against them. They obviously should develop softness and diplomacy.

Born May 2 - these pedants. They always do everything in advance of a detailed plan.

These people are excellent administrators, coordinators and organizers, and they are extremely functional and it alone can do the work of several people. Family and home is extremely important and valuable to these people. But they should not be too authoritarian and rigid with respect to their children, they should not be kept in a tight rein.

Hobbies for these people - a second job, so they and their hobbies are very responsible and serious. Usually these people - excellent craftsmen capable of making their own hands and any toy that you want to repair. They love to decorate your home, like to change the situation, to move furniture and make the home more comfortable. These people often try to aesthetes and for the sake of harmony and beauty.

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