Birthday May 1 horoscope



Sign born on the first day of May - Taurus. From his heavenly patron they they got the patience, determination and perseverance, and the number of these people are born with a rare and vigorous activity, which is not very typical of Taurus. These people do not like to be lazy and lie on the couch, they prefer to be constantly engaged in business.

Inside them like a burning fire that pushes them to all new and new achievements. Moreover, the assessment of actions by others does not care about these people. They do not care that think or say about them, their behavior, their work. They are always adjusted to the completion of his beginnings, never throw them in the middle, and never miss a rare chance.

Zodiac sign characteristics


Diseases born May 1
Underbelly organism born May 1 people - this is the throat and vocal cords. They need to be sure to take care of his very voice. Even a slight cold, they should not run, you need to treat it with herbs (inhalation) and vitamin C. In the food these people understand quite well, the taste is also at altitude, but they still need to control your diet to not grow stout.

Physical exercise also can not be neglected. Perfectly suited skiing and swimming. In general, exercise is very beneficial to these people, even regular sex they should not be neglected.

Jobs and careers of those born on May 1
Born May 1, not only figures, but observers. Their observations, they are eager to share with others, watching people as they hone their wit, which always float in discussions with opponents. In this case, these people are not particularly eloquent, but according to attach great importance. They prefer the precision and concreteness metaphors and complexity of the question.

However, they never dissemble and deceive, especially for the sake of a witticism. These people always care about what is happening around them. They are always honest to others and enjoy their well-deserved respect. They do not like flattery and never flatter themselves and do not suck up, not even trying to sweeten the bitter pill. Also, these people do not like familiarity, uglier truth prefer to speak directly to the person, but they do not like quarrels and try by all means to avoid them.

With irony and sarcasm, these people are always at war with their foes and fight arrogant, pompous daffodils, which can not stand. They're not too smart, but are able to think critically, are not kept in the provocation, stands in front of deception and manipulation.

These people - born hedonists, they mean a lot of fun, they love good food and good sex. In a flurry of activity, these people are less enticing to others than in a state of calm and contented enjoyment.

Tips for those born on May 1
Born May 1 appreciate common sense, so they do not like to take risks. But in the sense of love of these people have no power and they often make stupid mistakes when choosing companions of life are not suitable to them people. They are too romantic and love can not see reality.

In all spheres of life, these people are restrained, eschew unnecessary risk, calm, pooled, prudence, both in work and money, and in the other cases.

They successfully anticipating trouble, the tricks of scoundrels are not kept for years they methodically striving for success and one still achieve the desired. It happens this way they go for many years, but these people are not in a hurry.

The problem is that the excessive slowness and indecision may one day contribute to the fact that they will miss a rare opportunity, a once in a lot of years. Therefore, they need a good understanding of when to doubt and hesitate, and when you need to quickly catch the tail of luck.

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