Birthday March 31  horoscope



What zodiac sign born March 31?
March 31 are born true aesthetes. They stand firmly on the ground, as it should be Aries, but at the same time can sometimes be carried away into a fantasy world. However - not very far away, unattainable dreams - not for these people. They do not leave the ground completely, keeping touch with reality.
These people are creative personalities, but their creative impulses, they do not always realize, as opting for pragmatic and earning money. They need to ensure that their choice of mercantile and practical aspects of life did not make them unhappy. Perhaps creativity would cost to make a hobby, Catching up on which you can relax and gather strength for commerce. Money and people born on March 31 and really know how to manage just fine.
The Chiefs have obtained remarkable. They are well versed in all aspects of cash management, are not afraid of risk, when you need it. These people would not miss your chance and always use it to the best advantage, like real entrepreneurs. Business acumen, these people work for one hundred percent, but at heart they are not without a sense of beauty and creative aspirations.

Zodiac sign characteristics


Diseases born March 31
Most harm born March 31 cause their own same vivid emotions - anger, hatred, anger. They try not to show obsessed with their feelings drive them inside and lock it - as a result, sooner or later it makes itself known variety of diseases, stomach ulcer, hypertension, old age, it can even cause oncology.
Also, these people may have problems with self-realization in the field of art and self-expression. Sports help these people cope with negative emotions. They are useful for jogging, climbing, boxing, gymnastics. Sports team is also very attracted to these people, because they generally like to work in a team. Therefore, they should be engaged in basketball, baseball. Sociability and activity of these people makes them love noisy parties and rich table. Cooking can also become their passion.
Jobs and careers of those born on March 31
Born March 31 Aries - warriors in spirit, as well as other representatives of this zodiac sign. They are stubborn and determined, quickly make a career and stubbornly, strongly defend their interests. They are almost impossible to force quit or unseat. As a rule, they are at the top stably and firmly for a prolonged time.
Having achieved the desired, these people just reduce their activity, leaving his ideas to himself. All resources are thrown to defend the conquered positions. In extreme cases, these people give options clear and reasonable solutions to the problem, which can not assess superiors.
Another difference between the character born March 31 - it is their love for vivid discussions and debates. At the same time they are very demanding people. But rationalism of these people still holds the key to their love of disputes: at least they do not risk your career or social status in order to convey to someone from voting. It happens that these people dramatically change their way of life and the area of professional activity, such they can throw even twice in life.
Most often, when they catch exactly the right time and in the end come to success. Therefore, these people should not be afraid of change, if they feel badly that this period came. Scared and miss the chance - it means for these people to forever lose the chance to develop some of his hidden talents or abilities. In general, in the fight against fate and life, these people behave as strong warriors, who never give up and are unusual weakness.
Even better than the role of the head, these people manage the role of the right hand, the nearest assistant chief. In this capacity, they may be more likely to realize themselves and their creative inclinations. As for his personal life, the one born March 31 make good family men, but they rarely marry at an early or even adulthood. Often they are the end of life remained a bachelor. Among these people, if they do marry, often adopt other people's children (or children from the orphanage her lover / mistress).
Tips for those born on March 31
Born on March 31 did not seem soft and kind, but the fact is that his kindness and concern they express in their own way, through an ironic joke. These people often wear masks cynics because open a sincere expression of feelings makes them vulnerable. They are in need of a friendly support and understanding friends nearby. Often this is due to the fact that as a child, these people had not received love and care from their parents.
To make friends with such a person, you need to learn to understand the external signs that he feels at the moment. Insistence born March 31 applies to the expectation of guessing their thoughts and desires on the part of those who love them. This is partly due to the fact that they themselves were born March 31 Aries is strong enough to develop their own intuition.
These people do not like talkers do not like to throw words to the wind or break their promises. Most often, these people are rational and live logic, not emotion. So they are easier to reasonable, logical arguments, not emotional manipulation. Frankness and sincerity of these people value highly.