Birthday March 27  horoscope



What zodiac sign born March 27?
March 27 are born militant romance, minstrels with a sword at his side. These people are idealists and dreamers, they are not compatible with logic and common sense, but endowed with the soul of a warrior and fighter for justice or for other high idea of these people will fight to the end. They love people, fearless and a little crazy, emotions have always prevail over the cold reason and arguments. Sometimes they give their reverie so that their desire to help people in vain, remaining unrealized air lock.
Diseases born March 27
Born March 27 often injured in different situations. They should be afraid of an accident, and always be alert. Also some degree of isolation from the world leads to the fact that these people often get cold, because they can not get dressed for the weather, walking in the rain, freeze, without noticing it, and so forth. The bones, joints, teeth - the vulnerabilities of their body. They may also worked for many years in hazardous occupations, not thinking about what this means in the long term.
Plus we can not forget about occupational injuries, which, unfortunately, born March 27 very often face. As for diet, the born March 27 often forget to eat on time, distracted by the ideas and the world of fantasy, so they need a friend or life partner who will take care of these romantics, or diseases of the gastrointestinal tract can not be avoided.

Zodiac sign characteristics


Jobs and careers of those born on March 27
These people always - generators of ideas. They are quick and easy to learn, and then use the learning material is extremely precarious. In this they are always looking for their own, not like anything whose path, and somehow try to force them to change their mind is useless. Most often emotionally impenetrable these people. They rarely waits fortune, often for life, they are faced with many difficulties, and their nervous system adapts to it.
For the same reason these muddle-headed people find it difficult to deceive and cheat. As for the emotional life, born March 27, as the real canonicity Aries, often seem even rude and selfish, as they may not notice someone's feelings or disregard them, if they so will be more convenient. These people - these mad scientists, captured in their work and at the same time relating to other people as tools, but no more.
Born March 27 Aries well versed in the art, almost always they are able to fix all their own, and very often are themselves the inventors. The invention and experimentation - it is their passion. In the field of technology and inventions, these people can fully realize themselves.
However, completely detached from the society they can not be named: oddly enough, these people feel fine public mood and fashion trends. They can make a great advertising campaign, so how exactly know what the public will like, and what is not. Thus triggered their intuition, because you can not say that born March 27 good judge of character: they are not psychologists in any way.
Tips for those born on March 27
As is clear from the foregoing, it is easier for people to contact with groups of people, rather than to individuals. Deep human emotions they can not understand, but to trace their cause they are quite capable. As for their own emotional sphere, these people are able to experience all facets of passion, and in the work and in their personal lives. These people love all clear and specific, perhaps because they themselves hover in the world of ideas.
They like sudden changes and contrasts that are very rough them up a bit, as if carved from stone nature. They try to solve the problem directly in the forehead, hurriedly, as if going to ram. Subtle avoidance on the verge of cunning and intrigue - obviously not their style. These people tend to perceive the world in a two-pole, good and bad, our and others', black and white. Shades they do not notice the transitions do not see. Therefore, it is difficult to compromise, so they do not like secrets and silence and fiercely hate lies. These people never lie themselves, even to themselves, and can not stand this quality in others.
Thanks to him, they are more or less objectively evaluate themselves and their capabilities - they try not to lie to themselves anything. On a personal note, these people are very complex, because hard to be around egoist who is not inclined to pay attention to other people's emotions and sees the world in black and white, like a small child. In addition, these people are very demanding with respect to all with whom they associate and friends.
However, their demands and extends them. Of course, these people will never flatter and do not try to please, especially like, putting themselves in a favorable light. They know how to make friends, but because of this approach, too, a little gruff and uncompromising, they usually have very few friends. But they are reliable, strong, self-confident, able to achieve a lot, and they can feel like a stone wall.