Birthday March 21  horoscope



What zodiac sign born March 21?
March 21 born vigorous and active Aries. They - the true fans of his work, often become workaholics. However, they rush forward like always feeling like a participant in the race, they strongly desire to reach a goal first and as quickly as possible, and this desire is reinforced by a deep faith in their abilities and capabilities.
These people will never sit idle, so are always in the thick of things or ears are overworked. Another hard to follow such an energetic man with a perpetual motion machine hidden somewhere in his soul. Born March 21 very open and communicative. Communicating, they will never have a dual purpose they are interested in communication itself, rather than the "necessary" dating.
Diseases born March 21
Born March 21 it is necessary to take time out to be alone sometimes. Love is also important to them, but these people have their own special requirements for science of tender passion. That tenderness they just did not carry, preferring a little coarse animal passion. They suit people of similar temperament, certainly choleric, which will not limit their freedom or try them something to ban.

Zodiac sign characteristics


If you were born on March 21 sick, then quickly try to cure themselves, not allowing for a care. They do not like complexity, so choose a diet as simple as possible. Exotic dishes or savoring light flavors - obviously not for them, they prefer simple and healthy food from the most natural fresh foods. For physical activity, it could not be more suited to these people vibrant and spectacular dancing.
Jobs and careers of those born on March 21
March 21 - the first day of the first sign of the zodiac, new year and, in addition, the vernal equinox. As if following the call of Mother Nature, born March 21 people as simple and natural. They do not like complicated and obscure matters and experiences, although they are led by a deep strong passions, painted, however, even in the same tone, without nuance. These people love to break under the framework itself and stereotypes, and they have quite enough of this energy and desire.
They never do what they hate, showing thus harmony in this world, never betray his principles. These people are not averse to occasionally indulge in fantasies, but they are practical and realistic. They have excellent organizational skills, although their original plan is usually very different from what they achieve in practice.
Born March 21 trying to communicate only with like-minded people.
Therefore vaunted ovnovskaya aggression and anger - it's not about them. They're pretty cool. These people are self-confident and tend to believe most others weaklings and themselves - strong. They allow themselves to a lot of what other people would not dare to afford, and do not believe anyone has the right to condemn them.
Often these people prefer to remain silent and not to explain their thoughts, while requiring others telepathy. Even ranking leader, these people do not always spread the idea of the tree, preferring conciseness or eloquent actions instead of words.
Tips for those born on March 21
Born March 21 prefer to solve the problem by brute force and threats. They rarely get angry, usually keep themselves in his hands, but if you really angry, it is truly terrifying. The circumstances of his childhood and youth in the traces of the transferred trauma often determine life, or the behavior of these people. So, if the parents behave with them unfairly, they will do anything for their children to avoid this fate.
We were born on March 21 people inside the burning like some mysterious fire that drives them to passion or mysticism or religion. March 21 - Net New Year's Day, so those born on this date are not particularly recommended to use alcohol or intoxicating substances for religious ecstasy or enlightenment. Their unusual hobbies or ideas these people need to implement their own, without outside help. These people rarely harm others, but to become an inspirational muse they are quite capable.