Birthday March 20  horoscope



What zodiac sign born March 20?
March 20 - the last day of the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces. The next day begins a new zodiacal year. On this day are born profoundly creative and talented people. Born on this day, people are feeling the impact of both fish and Aries, which manifests itself in periods thrust of community and solitude and independence. Influence of Pisces is most often seen more strongly.
Diseases born March 20
Born March 20 often neglected his body, preferring to develop the mind and spirit. They lead a sedentary lifestyle, often in the end they appear migraines and fatigue, as they are not capable of alternate work and leisure. Sometimes they suffer from depression because suppress their feelings and emotions that are piling up inside and damage their health.

Zodiac sign characteristics


They better be openly what they feel, and feel free to even tears. Regular exercise and a balanced diet is very important for them. But Fish love sensual pleasures, including gluttony, on a hook which they might get, so it is usually neglected healthy diet. They had better follow the diet, there are on the clock at a certain time, mostly vegetables and cereals, consume less fat in food. Avoid any extremes to starve yourself is also very harmful. Of alcohol can be left only red wine, and the rest is better to strike out at all.
Jobs and careers of those born March 20,
Born March 20 often indecisive in important matters, they are hard to let go of the past and do not cling to it. They sometimes collide in a fantasy so that they begin to confuse reality and fantasy world, offering a completely unrealistic idea. They need a strong, firmly standing on his feet, practical man next door, who could time their "ground."
Also born on March 20 are often too optimistic and do not see the real situation. They find it difficult to navigate in this life and the right to determine for themselves their professional interests. Their talent, and sometimes a few knocks them out of the way and makes the situation even more complicated. Also, these people are different in that the plant idols, real or imagined people, which are trying to be like.
Finally, these people are capable to get yourself into a depression and develop at an inferiority complex if they are around to focus on less developed partner or other close. It is important to opt for a close dialogue about equal to their talents and minds of people. Stand on the step below these people forbidden, since then, as a result, they begin to hate themselves.
Tips for those who born March 20,
Born March 20 may also be depressed due to the fact that others too little approve them. They really need people who could support them and provide moral support. Therefore, born March 20 need to develop the self-affirmation and raising their estimates. It is impossible in such things depend heavily on other people.
Most of these people make good psychologists, plus they perfectly the feelings of others. In doing so, they also need to exercise some caution, not carried away by the mysterious and unknown to the detriment of life on earth. Born March 20 to remember about the golden mean and least almost everything. Among other things, these people - great peacemakers and healers heart wounds.
They are sensitive to the woes of others and can be very helpful to those who suffer and unhappy. Is not this is their life purpose? Usually they have authority among friends and acquaintances, so it is important not to lose a sense of the earth under their feet and remain objective as possible.