Birthday March 18  horoscope



What zodiac sign born March 18?
Born March 18 are typical representatives of their zodiac sign, Pisces. Firstly, they are characterized by a strong vision and care to help them instantly understand the situation or person. Sometimes, their misgivings apply to pretty significant time period, by they may even seem wizards or seers.
Where ordinary people will see trinkets or coincidence, born March 18 see signs and wonders, to help them read the mysteries of existence. But this is a property that is strongly separates them from reality. Most often, born March 18 endowed with any artistic talent, which helps them to patiently endure life's troubles. They love to dream and head in the clouds, it does not matter what kind of impression they make on the eccentricities of other people and not condemn them if they, they always choose their own individual way.
Diseases born March 18
Born March 18 thin feel strange mood and different energies. They are very closely with the subtle energy of the world, and sometimes they do not bring benefits but also harm. For example, these people are more likely to become victims of energy vampires. They can also fall into narcissism, narcissism or in cruelty, thus opposing itself to the surrounding society.

Zodiac sign characteristics


With age, these people dobreyut and become less selfish. They are easier to carry life troubles together with loved ones, and their loneliness for the most part is contraindicated.
Born March 18 often change their views and outlook lifelong spiral. That is, often they return to the same views, which begins with the journey of life, but having tried a lot of other points of view, examining them from the inside, a lot of understanding and rethinking, and the "old" views are updated a little different. Those born on March 18 who are more weak and unstable and can get stuck at some stage or immediately set a goal pursuit of the ideal, which, as we know, it is simply impossible to achieve.
In this case, they are stuck in their development, unable to move. They should put themselves still achievable, correlate with reality goals and ideals to follow.
Jobs and careers of those born March 18,
Born March 18 trying to translate their fantasies into reality. However, their charm, intuition attracts people to them, sometimes they are not bad leaders. Also, these people can at one point drastically change all your plans, cancel everything and projects, because suddenly feel that they do not need it and does not meet their needs. They have a clear idea of what they need and what is not, what they want to see their lives.
Intuition of time these people too well developed. Their sense of time is always tells them when to be active and when it is better to wait for the right moment. In this case, patience they simply do not hold. It is important to always stick to that its internal rhythm, which causes them to alternate phases of activity and passivity, it is important not only for the success of their business, but also for their inner being, because it is extremely sensitive nature and need regular rest periods of inactivity.
Tips for those who born March 18,
One of the drawbacks of these people - it is their lack of attention to detail and detail. They are trying to cover the situation as a whole and parts, as a rule, they seem boring, and they immediately dismiss them. Uncertainty, uncertainty - is another enemy of the people. Requirements debt they should also be performed without putting off.
Born March 18 often do not get along with children because they are trying to dissociate itself from almost grown offspring. On the one hand, it gives children need them freedom, but on the other makes it seem the indifference of parents about their alleged dislike. With regard to professional activities, born March 18 to work visits of sales managers, lawyers, brokers.
They are perfectly able to find compromises and gently reconcile quarreling, diplomacy and vision of the situation from different angles - their strong point. Except that which in any case can not do this to people - so it's to change their beliefs, even when exposed to aggressive environments.