Birthday March 16  horoscope



What zodiac sign born March 16?
March 16 at the light appear complex, sensitive nature that bring together a contradiction earthly and spiritual aspirations. Born on this day fish endowed kind of artist, it is always mysterious and alluring, but the love of the earth's comfort and luxury. These people - born businessmen, but at the same time they do not want to betray myself, so do not always happy to closely contact with the world of dirty money. They are attentive, curious, very observant, see through people, easy to learn their secrets can be, so do not like to spread about himself and his personal life.
Diseases born March 16
The nature of the health of people born March 16 fast enough, so it is important not to neglect preventive medical examination (while not forgetting about the dentist!), Watch your diet and exercise. Born March 16 should take the time and make a competent diet for yourself. Sport recommended them very active, such as tennis, cycling, hiking, surfing.
Fresh air is extremely useful to them, so that the more they will get out of the city, the better.

Zodiac sign characteristics


Born March 16 able to reconcile themselves and to balance the two different vectors such as their irrepressible fantasy and down to earth practicality. Creative impulses and earthly vanity - and one, and another capable of harmoniously present in equal proportions in their lives. Talent to balance and combination of incongruous - trump these people. Connect unjoinable - their chance for good luck and success in life. The main thing to keep from betrayal themselves and their principles for the sake of profitable work or money. Otherwise, then these people just torment the conscience, so it is better not to ruin their ideals.
Jobs and careers of those born March 16,
Born March 16 sometimes tend to ignore the trouble to come and negative. They seem to live in a completely different world, where everything is always perfect and failures do not happen. In addition, they trust the people who cause them sympathy. They do often lucky, but born March 16 often overestimate their luck, or see it when in fact it is not.
Of course, their ability to see and select only the best - this is definitely a plus, but we must be able not just bury our heads in the sand at the approach of trouble to be able to react in time and somehow protect themselves. This may also include neglect of negative emotions of other people who are different are born March 16. Sometimes these people suffer from a lack of patience and perseverance in regard to the work on the project duration.
Inspired by the idea, it can cool before achieve some significant results. However, they are genuinely interested in long-term projects, the very idea of a performance of a large-scale business attracts them, but to calculate the interest they are often unable to. Heads born March 16 people should be especially careful in the final stages of the project: it is often at this time born March 16 Pisces are only "under duress."
Tips for those who born March 16,
The vital task born March 16 - so to rebuild their lives and their way of life, to attain the desired inner freedom, at the same time not being alone in the presence of family and work. They should seek a field where they can realize both sides of its controversial nature, equally, it has its lofty aspirations, and the earth's pragmatism. Also, they should develop their ability to handle money, as it is often prohibitively difficult for them, and the ability to score the money needed in our society for all people.