Birthday March 15  horoscope



What zodiac sign born March 15?
Born March 15 Pisces - very vulnerable, fragile and subtle sense of nature. Coarseness of life around it wounds them. They are all over looking for harmony and beauty. To the people around them very friendly and good-naturedly, and people will feel it. They usually have a lot of friends.
Most often, born March 15 act as peacemakers: this helps their peacefulness, diplomacy and the ability to judge objectively. In addition, because of friendship and love of harmony born March 15 trying to awaken in people the best and light quality. People love them because they help others to see more clearly what they are capable of.
Diseases born March 15
Born March 15 - sensitive nature, they are more likely to suffer from deep feelings, such as love. They are prone to self-destruction, to the dramatic experience of love. This is often the cause of their suffering and disease. Can help them more experienced people, talking with friends and their psychological assistance, visiting psychologists, light sedation.

Zodiac sign characteristics


However, alcohol or drugs especially for them are of particular concern: Fish often get hooked depending on which then can not get rid of in a lifetime. Therefore, born March 15 is particularly afraid to turn off their grief alcohol or drugs. Anxiety and nervousness born March 15 causes them a lot of attention to the cooking and diet.
It is no secret that the food often saves from stress, making the emotional pain less acute: so often born on this day know quite a lot about healthy eating and are able to perfectly cook. They should reduce the intake of foods containing cholesterol, eat less butter, eggs and cream. Do not forget about physical activity: walking, swimming, skiing will benefit greatly from your body.
Jobs and careers of those born on March 15
Born March 15 is usually very easy to make a career. She is very charming and charismatic, people are happy to go after them, besides they have leadership abilities. Often born March 15 dismissed from one place of work, where their career stalled, and no problem finding another where they are lucky. Sometimes from the very beginning take on leadership positions. Therefore, born March 15 is not worth holding not the most successful work in the professional field they are usually very lucky, and dismissal should not frighten them. The main thing - it's confidence, which will provide them with 95 percent victory.
We were born on March 15 often unique relationship with altitude. Some of these people it attracts, and they are somehow linked his professional career with the height, working installers, industrial climbers carried away diving, hang gliding, rock climbing. Another part born on this day people are very afraid of heights. Their fear, they often hide and capable to overcome the dispute, climbing to a height. Usually afraid of heights born on March 15, and people are afraid of success, responsibility, failure.
Some of born this day people prefer to slowly and surely go to the top, trying to reach the goal of the roars. More luck to those who act slowly, slowly. But those born on this day Pisces is very important to always put myself clear goal. Their efficiency and enthusiasm can lead them to storm barriers without a specific purpose, in which case their chances of success, especially in a competitive environment, are sharply reduced. They should not act rashly and impulsively, postponing indefinitely the work "later".
Plan and plan again and gradually. They should be careful to change the situation, as they are not always able to protect themselves against unexpected changes, they are totally incapable to foresee them. There will only help the development of attention and a thorough analysis of the current situation. One of the most important professional decisions that must be taken born on March 15 early career: they prefer to work alone or in a team. Each method has its obvious advantages, and here it is necessary to think about your inclinations, which is closer, easier, and it seems natural. This same problem can weave the correct allocation of time between work and family.
Tips for those born on March 15
With regard to personal relations, born March 15 sometimes exhibit extreme indecision, they rarely are able to initially right to behave with your partner. Also, they often hesitate to offer to have children, though very fond of them and approach this issue very seriously. Following the tendency to avoid difficult choices, these people often choose loneliness and unlimited freedom.