Birthday March 11  horoscope



What zodiac sign born March 11?
Born March 11, feel their childhood special mission, more spiritual sense, their special mission, their calling to unraveling one of the mysteries of existence. This is not surprising for their sign of the zodiac, Pisces. They do not see themselves as ordinary people and are not such that even their ideas to transform the world and improve the lives of extremely unusual.
And, unfortunately, often not viable because of excessive idealistic born March 11th. They love all humanity, who are genuinely trying to do much good, they are resistant to the achievement of its not entirely clear to most purposes, they are almost always under unusual angle look at the world.

Zodiac sign characteristics


Diseases born March 11
Born March 11 attaches great importance to its appearance and the impression produced. They are happy to take care of themselves, attach great importance to the health of their hair, teeth, skin and nails. Born March 11 spend a lot of money on expensive cosmetics to vitamins and biologically active food supplements. Usually, they are excellent cooks, prepare not only delicious, but also beautiful, creating true masterpieces, and are suitable for cooking as creativity.
As far as their diet is not abused, they can have it all. It is only necessary to limit the consumption of sugar, butter and heavy cream. In sports, try to avoid competition and focus on winning, giving all the attention to the quality and performance of the process itself.
These people live in the present and always helps to promote progressive ideas to the masses. Life they perceive as a fight where the place is only the power and control. Enough hardworking, able to make a career. Relax and "let go" themselves they are only in the company of family and friends. And for them it is very important not to be ridiculed. They need to be always taken seriously, even when they show naivety, sharing their thoughts and the fruits of his overactive imagination. Like real fish, they always rely on the affairs of his trump card - an incredible intuition. She very rarely brings them.
Born March 11 understand the need to fight and strength. They do not like to fall behind, but do not always want to fight - it's natural for a peaceful contemplative Pisces. Most often, they are trying to wait until competitors overtake them, and then, with the help of intuition after waiting the right moment, firmly seize the initiative. Their main advantages - a feeling for the right moment and charisma with which they engage the views.
Jobs and careers of those born on March 11
Pisces born on March 11 clearly see the essence of things and are able to use this knowledge to their advantage. With this their ability they can even do business. Develop the potential of something - their great ability. In cases they often exhibit unexpected wisdom: so can play for money, but it is reasonable and cold, calculating, not to indulge in the excitement and reckless pursuit of profit, in which you can lose everything. Moderate risk they love, but only if they have enough money for this whim. Autonomy and financial independence is extremely appreciated.
They need to work on their ability to generate ideas which would be useful in practical life and would really voploschaemy, not utopian or unenforceable for different reasons. The top talent that is available for many of these people - a bet on low-key and losing at first glance, the idea of which, however, later fall into the mainstream and become popular. An indispensable quality for the promotion of their own business! However, above it is also necessary to work, not everyone born on March 11 this talent is fully developed at birth.
Tips for those born on March 11
Undoubted merit of these people are also in the fact that they are very demanding of themselves and are capable of self-discipline. In the family, they usually occupy the leading position, and can actively suppress attempts at resistance and "rebellion". They are encouraged to be more lenient with loved ones, or regular household quarrels and walking signs of stress can not be avoided.
Learn how to make decisions based on compromise and mutual concessions, and be sure to Hear offers all family members. Remember that this opinion is really dear to you people, even if at first it seems that the elderly person or too young teenager talking nonsense. Have the wisdom to listen to and take into account even such an opinion when making decisions.