Birthday March 7  horoscope



What zodiac sign born March 7?
Born March 7 people date their birth confers practicality and rationalism, and zodiac sign born March 7 gives them creative abilities. They are very intelligent and have a stunningly strong intuition, which is not surprising for those born March 7 zodiac sign Pisces.
First they make artistic and emotional "impression" of the problem to be solved, and then reflect on it, dissect it with his powerful intellect. Also, these people own and the opposite approach, going first through the collection of information and facts, organize them, and after remelting into a single artistic image.
Diseases born March 7
From birth, these people are very sensitive and vulnerable, they often have allergies, they often get sick, picking up a variety of infections. Also vulnerabilities of their body are lymph nodes and the cardiovascular system. As for diet born March 7, they recommended to use a smaller dairy products, as they produce mucus and phlegm, and pay attention to fresh vegetables and grains.

Zodiac sign characteristics


Be sure to play sports, but try not to overdo it, do not overreach. More than any other sport activities you fit yoga, pilates, dance, swimming, skiing. Be sure to follow the daily routine and relax the appropriate number of hours, but try not to sleep too much, in your case it is fraught with remoteness from reality into the world of dreams and fantasies.
Jobs and careers of those born on March 7
Mindful March 7 - a sign of the zodiac, Pisces, we should not be surprised that these people do not live in the real world, and the world some obscure abstractions. But touch with reality they strong enough, they can move their abstraction into the language of reality, and bring them to succeed. From childhood, they are struggling with fate, like a true warrior.
These people almost always careerists, despite his reverie, and, with the help of friends and relations, they are more likely to achieve the desired. But even if they do some practical things, still others think that born March 7 live somewhere in another reservoir being in some other dimension invisible to the eye. It's not surprising if we remember what zodiac sign March 7 - ephemeral, otherworldly, mystical Pisces.
After a day of these people instantly forget all the problems of the workers and begin to make an impression is not of this world. At the same time to share with them their fantasies and dreams is very difficult, they will not let anyone into their world. To make friends with them, you need lots and lots of patience and less stringent requirements. By the way, this description fits and himself born March 7.
Born March 7 defy pressure. They just go to the side. They rarely even respond in any way, such as criticism, preferring to withdraw into himself, to withdraw into his inner world, which for them is almost no one can follow. They feel good other people feel who are capable of cheating and who is not. They are unselfish and willing to help friends and family, bringing almost any sacrifice.
Moreover, if their idea of justice requires to reward some man, who refused to reward the society, they can reward him for yourself, giving almost the last, even if it is not completely familiar to them people. They are very worried about the excluded and poor people, trying to fight for social justice and equality.
Friends they usually small - a maximum of one or two. But these people are not always clearly see what place they occupy in society, they can do, and what not. At the same time they feel the need to influence the society to change it for the better. Also takes them hard to focus on something specific, they spray their attention and their strength, in the end treading water. They need to learn to concentrate and collect their forces, causing spot-kick, then they quickly deal will go smoothly. Acting through this tactic, they can even make the coveted career in interaction with society, society, politics.
Tips for those born on March 7
Born March 7 need to pay more attention to your family and friends, interested in their thoughts and feelings. They should think more about those who are near, and smaller - about their abstract theories. Also worth noting is that these people are capable of striking deep and strong friendship, which in certain circumstances may even replace the family and love relationships.