Birthday March 5  horoscope



What zodiac sign born March 5?
Date of March 5 zodiac sign corresponds to Pisces, and on this day are born very light and restless nature. These are very sensitive and emotional, which is not surprising when you consider March 5 - a sign of the zodiac, and the smart and very flexible in its approach to reality. They are extremely fast shifting their focus from one subject to another, driven by curiosity and the desire to cover as much as possible.
They are very frightened by the prospect to get caught up in the same gray routine of what they are trying to avoid, entertaining themselves and carried away a lot of things. These people are very fond of freedom and lack of restrictions, they are active, and even fussy, they are attracted by all the mysterious and unknown, they do not sit on the ground, love traveling, especially to remote and exotic countries, but still not completely lose their heads.

Zodiac sign characteristics


Diseases born March 5
Pisces zodiac sign born March 5 gives these people a strong amplitude changes of mood and emotion. It happens that negative emotions completely capture them, causing suffering and torment close, so born March 5 need to learn to manage their feelings, learn to take himself in hand. Willpower they need to protect your nervous system and your body from many diseases, which opens the gates of stress.
Born March 5 know little about their body and disease, so they desperately needed a smart adviser, in the ideal case - a permanent family doctor, whom they trust and who will regularly advise on their health. By virtue of its addicting nature born March 5 sinners often overeating and addiction to carnal pleasures.
In both, they are encouraged not to forget about the measure. Bad habits and stimulants (smoking, alcohol consumption, sugar, etc.) It is better to refuse at all. Born March 5 afraid of external hostile world, though he gives them a curiosity. It is caused by a zodiac sign March 5, Pisces, they tend to be afraid of others and hide from his home, in his makeshift fortress. But they do not know that much more dangerous to their health and well-being is not the external world and its dangers, and internal storm, that emotion that causes frequent and sudden mood swings born March 5.
Any force and energy can be directed to the destruction, and it is possible to creation, including this applies to the power of internal experiences. Born March 5 need to learn how to direct his powerful forces of nature in the re-creation, avoiding destruction, as it is first of all the destruction will affect their health.
Jobs and careers of those born on March 5
Born March 5 people are very secretive and not outwardly show their internal dramas. However, their external equanimity - a mask that hides an ocean of emotions. Unfortunately, this ocean is very rapid and it is often "storm". Born March 5 often plagued by contradictory feelings drawing them in different directions. But looks can be seamlessly nothing but peace, kindness and equanimity.
This mask also protects them from the "invasion" of the outside world and other people in their inner world. They are usually self-fulfilling in the professional field, in the works. More often than not these people get real experts in their field who are confident and not afraid of oblique views of others. But in personal relationships born March 5 not overconfident almost never - on the contrary, they are too timid and clamped, can not adequately express what they feel, and feel they are always very much.
These people are observant and empathically "feel" of others, see their weaknesses and shortcomings, but never try to re-educate others or play on their weaknesses. If these people are faced with the shortcomings or weaknesses of their relatives or friends, even they shall not attempt to somehow fix or help them to change, but rather to be silent about what they see, but will suffer from pangs of conscience. Their life is always full of events and even dramas.
These are real artists, people living to the fullest, not because of external activity or search for adventure, but because of its rich feelings and emotions.
Tips for those born on March 5
Born March 5 sometimes tend to rapidly between opposite emotions and feelings. They can be quite brawlers or hysterical nature, but it is able to act rationally and logically. Variability, flexibility, adaptability may be their strengths. Often born March 5 unhappy because it is too demanding to others.
As a result they are looking for all my life an unattainable ideal - most certainly not find it. They should think about whether they are irreconcilable to other people or the basis of their discontent still - their own nature, internal contradictions and internal discontent yourself? If the case is still in them, as often happens, they can change something in yourself.
Often, external disagreement with the world these people caused by their deep-seated contradictions within itself, is only a reflection of the internal latent antinomies. They need to look for the foundation, the foundation for its I and his world, a truly reliable and solid. Often this can help a great sequence of the entire way of life and standard of conduct.
Council to try to be easier and not to complicate - relevant for these people. They need to learn to be generous, disinterested, maybe they can help with any religion or esoteric teaching. Solid spiritual guidance really need these people. Kindness and simplicity to these complex natures - like a healing balm, soothing ocean restless souls.