Virgo horoscope October 2017 



Love horoscope for October 2017 Virgo predicts disappointment with the chosen one. Your relationship has stalled, and understanding to achieve becomes harder and harder. So, listen to your heart and do as it tells in October 2017. Virgo expect a new meeting, unforgettable visits and walks in the moonlight. Impressions will be enough, therefore, to be discouraged, no reason.

Love horoscope for October 2017 Virgo woman promises not only a vivid romance, but also a formal offer. Sea fans, publication, recognition and luxury gifts – all this will be in the autumn month. Most importantly, you will be examined and what are you waiting for, what you strive for in your personal life. The Virgo in October 2017, serious work on yourself and the mistakes she made. It is not necessary to show the elect what he is absolutely not guilty.

Love horoscope for October 2017 Virgo man is advised to keep his temper within the limits of decency. Jealousy towards the partner is unreasonable, and your nitpicking can lead to rupture of relations. In October 2017 maiden is better to spend time on the job and favorite hobby than to engage in analysis of "flights" in a love affair.

The horoscope promises a month when many plans are implemented immediately and without unnecessary delay. Especially if you're planning a family trip or decided to do cosmetic repairs. In all endeavors the Virgo support spouse and children, and relatives will give wise advice on home improvements. In October 2017 possible a pregnancy. The specific questions of the household and financial – the Virgo should be discussed at a family Council. In this case, your relationship will be even stronger and sincere. Don't forget the cultural activities – theatre, cinema and concerts.

Career horoscope for October 2017 Virgo advised to engage in radically new activity, Especially if your old field you professional, already exhausted. Engage in October, finding business partners, feel free to enter into contracts and to educate ourselves. The workload in 2017 a Virgo shall be enormous. But, this is only for the better. You will be able to strengthen not only the financial situation but also prestige in the society.

Career horoscope for October 2017 the Virgo-the woman does not recommend long-term plans. Possible, failures, delays in the receipt of documents and transfer of money. If Virgo in October will find a part time job it will be to their advantage. Part of the earned money to invest in your personal business. This month can afford large and expensive acquisition.

Male Virgo in October 2017 will have to spin like a squirrel in a wheel. The work will create emergency conditions, so you'll need experience and talent to bring this back into the same rut. At the end of October the situation with the money from Virgo will work out, if they do not lower hands and did not depart from Affairs. In 2017 it is allowed to invest in large-scale enterprise.