Leo horoscope October 2017 



Love horoscope for October 2017 Leo advises to pay less attention to ourselves, but to take care of a close person. You like being praised, cherished? Hence, the address of the chosen channel is the same "vortex" of positive and bright emotions. Leo in October 2017 will face important choice – to stay with your loved one or to leave. Just don't listen to tips from friends and relatives. In his personal life, as they say, advisers does not happen.

Love horoscope for October 2017 Leo woman recommends a little cool his ardor. Sometimes in love and want peace and stability. If a Leo starts too active to impose its opinion of the partner, he is unlikely to put up with it. In October 2017 are frequent quarrels, and clarify the relationship and jealousy. If you have a chance to stay with your beloved friends, that the lion should do so.

Love horoscope for October 2017, the Leo man advises to focus on their appearance. If you want to appeal to and conquer any Lady, update closet, go to the hairdresser and throw off excess Leo. The Leo itself will notice how changed and attracts the eyes of women.

Horoscope reminds you that his house is a fortress, and close friends – the support. Don't spend all the time with friends and at work, then be able to give his spouse and children. They have been waiting for your participation in family Affairs and household matters. The Leo in October 2017 should not "growl" to a loved one and to harass him questioning, "where were you and why didn't you call?". Tyrannical efforts you need to make to keep peace and harmony in the family. But, the stubborn Leo will make this all possible – take a vacation, buy gifts and arrange a romantic dinner by candlelight.

Career horoscope for October 2017 Leo advises solid hustle, bustle and confusion. You will have to go around and around more than one Agency and to peruse the Internet in search of a new job. Cling to any information, socialize with business people and decide to be bold. Importantly, in October 2017 to be meticulous to detail and not to sign contracts without a thorough viewing. Otherwise, the Leo easily deceived and will leave without money.

Female Leo in October 2017 need not to miss a single seminar, conference or important event. All of this will be the start of a decent career in the future. Meeting new people will help the Leo in October to solve the financial problems. Received for the work money try not to spend on exclusive items, and set aside in a piggy Bank.

Career horoscope for October 2017, the Leo-man tells a little risk, if the issue is a lot of money. You can stay in and win a large sum in the hands if during the stop. Expenses in October 2017 at the Leo will be associated with children, travel and design entrepreneurship. Thanks to the efforts, you will be able to succeed in everything they undertake.