Cancer horoscope October 2017 



Love horoscope for October 2017 the Cancer promises a romantic encounter that will grow into a strong and reliable relationship. If you're single, then you are even initiatives to show is not necessary – all will be solved by itself. Men look at Cancer, so without the fans and admirers in October 2017, it will not stay. Only exclude in a relationship qualities such as jealousy, mistrust and resentment. Sense of humour can help Cancer overcome many troubles in love.

Love horoscope for October 2017 the Cancer woman is not recommended to rush things in your personal life. Give it time, and not, as you intended. Think less about the fact that all collapses, and more build and create in love. In October 2017 the Cancer can take a trip together with your loved one. This is a time when feelings towards each other kindled with a new passion.

Love horoscope for October 2017 the Cancer man predicts the month when he gets under the influence of relatives. They don't like your fiancee, on what basis and there are constant disputes and conflicts. In October 2017 the Cancer go on about other people's opinions, you will remain single for a long time.

Horoscope promises an affair, to know the whole family. But you are not able to cope with those feelings that you caught. Preferably, in October to do household chores and the upbringing of children. If the game asks to get a dog, then in 2017, the Cancer will have to fulfill his dream. Often go with the family into nature, even if the weather is cool. Bonfires, guitar songs and the smell of autumn will bring you new emotions and will give a lot of impressions. To Cancer to visit in October can descend distant relatives – with surprises and news.

Career horoscope for October 2017 the Cancer foretells unexpected good luck in all new and protracted Affairs. There are slight clashes with colleagues, but a wise decision will help to neutralize the conflict. Cancer in October we need to work more on yourself and not to boss people around. Patience and a little effort, if you remember. Routine work will be too much, but to ignore it is impossible Cancer. In monetary terms in 2017 is expected to stability, and therefore worrying about it is not worth it. Anything you want, buy it, and the rest you don't need.

Career horoscope for October 2017 the Cancer woman promises a lot of urgent and minor works. But all your thoughts and actions will be associated with the family, not career. The authorities are unlikely to enjoy such a spirit of Cancer in October 2017, so be very Executive and punctual. Possible a good purchase at a significant discount – fur coat, jewelry or a car.

Male Cancer in October 2017 will be frankly bored at work. Moreover, with the money you have a full order, and stimulus for new achievements there. Promising projects in Cancer appear only at the end of the month, but for them it is hard to grasp.