Aquarius horoscope December 2017




For Aquarius love is something mysterious and incredible. But in December 2017 you will be full of romantic surges that will allow you to establish a personal life. With your lover you organize a terrific vacation out of town or in the restaurant. Passion and sexual magnetism will be for the Aquarius hallmarks. Special attention in December should be paid to those born under the signs of Fire and Air. These people Aquarius will be able in the future to create a happy marriage. The unexpected meeting with a former lover, which seriously will thrill you. Love horoscope for December 2017, Aquarius advises not to live by feelings. The reasonableness of the relationships you will help and not harm. You want comfort and coziness at home. But, the family members will constantly distract the Aquarius from a holiday or fixed-term work. Do not forget about yourself and your appearance. Adjust the shape, get active and get a haircut. All of this in December 2017 will add to the attractiveness of Aquarius and will change mood for the better. A possible conflict situation with elderly parents. Be compliant and wiser not to bring the case before the scandal. Think more about those who you cherish.