Leo horoscope December 2017



Leo in December 2017 without attention of the opposite sex will not remain even for a second. Your magnetism and charm will be so strong that fans will shower you with recognition and sincere compliments. The female lion in December will receive marriage proposals. If you truly love a person, do not tempt fate, and go to the altar. The male Leo is not quite ready for a serious relationship. Although, do not rush to the conclusion, because love works wonders. In December, you waiting for a whirlwind romance, which will turn the Leo head. Love horoscope for December 2017, the Leo does not recommend to turn away from someone who is just a friend. It is possible that you will burn with him true love. If relations do not differ passion and understanding, then hold on to them like a straw, you should not. Leo will dramatically change your opinion about some friends and relatives. If you feel that a breakup will benefit, then nothing in December 2017 don't be sorry. But, unfairly to offend and alienate loved ones is not worth it. Pride and lack of restraint not help the Leo in December. Focus on such qualities as kindness and sympathy.

Horoscope career and Finance in December 2017 Leo predicts a huge amount of work. If you are persistent and hardworking, you will achieve high results in the professional sphere. As for the money, they will be enough for rest, family and entertainment. Leo finally decides on a bold move and leave the last job. A new profession I will be for you in December as a gift. Most importantly, think it through carefully, in order not to regret about lost work, time and energy. In December 2017 the Leo will have to be a frequent guest at various events. But, you everywhere and all the time, thanks to the enthusiasm and the support of loved ones. If your path – creativity, art and music, in this area perhaps serious forward. In December 2017 will be a lot of travel, meetings and important negotiations. Leo will feel their importance and will increase credibility in the eyes of not only business partners but also competitors. Watch carefully for a competent filling out paperwork. Depends on your future activities and financial calculations. Leo a lot of money will be spent on children and close relatives. However, it is you, not a bit not regret.

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