Libra and Taurus compatibility



Libra's main weapon in the fight for the heart of man, the Taurus will be her good taste and ability to create comfort. Calves like beautiful things, but the works of art they choose beautifully decorated table, elegant house and a beautiful woman. A balance like no one else knows what's what in any beauty.

The main mistake that women often make Libra, is that at the beginning of communication with Taurus they begin to show their how they think the best features: the ability to make small talk, refinement, ability to charm. But Taurus rude, they are not interested in lofty matters. In addition, they - one of the biggest cormorants Zodiac. They, of course, to celebrate the dignity of Libra, but more of them will take up the question: "What this woman give me?". If you manage to convince Libra Taurus that will make their lives cosiness, comfort and beauty, then it's done - you lasso his Taurus.

Zodiac sign characteristics


A diplomacy of Libra is very useful at the stage of development of the relations of the novel to the marriage: Taureans are afraid of change, and only the balance can enter into their lives so gently and quietly, that the Taurus and does not understand that his life took a drastic change.

If a woman is not stupid Libra, she realizes that the beautiful, refined, harmonious life needs money. The money no one can make better men of Taurus. And along the way, in the process of earning, he can with his hands and make repairs and weed weeds in the garden. Near the Taurus female Libra can be heavenly creature, whose gentle eyes should not hurt the imperfections of life. Therefore, an intelligent woman Libra her man cherishes and nurtures.

In an ideal pair of scales Taurus never see scandals and tantrums. Both of these signs do not like violent showdown. Woman behaves tactfully and creates a calming atmosphere in the house. In Libra for good talent: good taste, diplomacy, the ability to concede. As a result of man-Taurus gets calm and comfortable life with a beautiful woman and a female Libra - a reliable defender and support, the "stone wall" behind which her castles in the air are not afraid of life's storms.